Renegade Resurgence is a mod for FreeSpace 2 that is played some years after the Capella incident. The player is a rookie pilot for the GTVA (Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance), and immediately finds himself at the core of events. Soon, the GTVA will realize that what they thought as a pirate organization is actually something more menacing. The stability and existence of the galaxy-spanning alliance is once again imperiled by a group of renegade Terrans and Vasudans who go against their own species with the intent of destroying the GTVA, and replacing its government with their own. RR focuses on gameplay and thorough mission design. Restoring the feeling of the original FreeSpace 2 campaign is the main focus of RR, but now the enemy is different. The mod includes several new weapons, each having its unique uses. Storywise, RR is like a war novel. It will let you know what it means to be a cog in a wheel. (I would like to ask for more feedback, either by a comment or email)

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There will be a new patch for Renegade Resurgence.

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Dear Players,

I know that I had announced a patch and abandoned it, but this time I'm sure there will indeed be a patch. As I replayed my own campaign, I encountered many problems that I think are to be resolved. Most of them have got to do with RR being initially optimized for Retail FreeSpace, that is, the good old FreeSpace 2 as released by Volition. Now that most FreeSpace players use FreeSpace Open, I feel it is imperative to update RR to work more or less well in FreeSpace Open. Naturally, that means that the new release will not even work on Retail. I'm sorry for those who prefer vanilla FreeSpace a la Volition, but time has slipped by it.

The patch's main purpose, however, is not only to optimize it for FSO 3.6.9, but to go through the dialogs as thoroughly as possible. I know that Renegade's main weakness was its dialog and their grammar. As I went through my campaign again, I noticed that there are still a bunch of mistakes that need to be corrected. Some dialogs (mostly briefings) are just incoherent, or too repetitive. I intend to make RR far better in this regard, but again, since I'm not a native speaker of English, not all mistakes will be corrected. The most disturbing grammar mistakes - including spelling mistakes - will surely go. This version of RR will be consistent in American English, unlike the first release.

The missions will also go through a rebalance. Some missions were allegedly too hard. Others were too easy, but I think it is reasonable to say that too hard missions are more imperative to be dealt with. I have always followed the "too easy is better than too hard" principle in mission design.

I daren't announce a permanent release date yet. So far, all I can promise is to release the patch when it's ready. Perhaps it is tomorrow, perhaps it's some time in September. Nevertheless, it will be out soon.

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