Redsun 2020 follows Joseph, the newest Nanotech agent developed by UNATCO.

IgorPoulpupov says

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I don't know what happened with this mod. One half acceptably good levels, that make sense, with things to find inside, people to talk to and other things you can basically expect in a DX mod. And for the other half, huge levels full of nothing except random books, random enemies, random empty computers, etc. Nothing to say about these ones, except they are plenty boring. They should just not be included in the mod, they were obviously not finished.
For the other levels, some are not bad, in the begining. Most of the non-empty levels are full of out of place jokes, apparently more important than the "storyline" itself (should I just say the missions?) since you have to click 3 times on characters, reading their stupid jokes before they finally give you the key you were searching for... About that sense of humor, it's summarized by what you find in half of the books and newspapers: "there is nothing interesting to read". Stupid teenager jokes about women (hookers that is) and boring computer programmers jokes.
Also, many bugs, empty aug canisters, level resets, infinite XP, etc. Several big parts of the game can simply be bypassed by hacking in a computer or having enough cash. I actually wonder if the mod has been fully tested before its release.
And for the loot... Awful. The first type of ammo that you find yourself full of is the most powerful one, the 20mm HE.
9/10 for what comes from Deus Ex, 7/10 for the first maps, 3/10 for everything else - story, spirit, big maps full of nothing.

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