Redsun 2020 follows Joseph, the newest Nanotech agent developed by UNATCO.

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I found the mod a pretty good attempt but its seriously lacking in alot of departments after the half way mark. It started out promising, and as you escape tyen lab and get out of Japan.
I liked the difficulty, the level design, the premise...

First off the mod has alot of books, but theres only about 10 that are different, the rest are all duplicates. Why put so many books in the game level after level?

East Shinjuku was terrible large, each street unrecognizable from the other, no signs, no advertisements, no cars... how can such a large area be so empty? Its really saddening to see how almost no work was put in it. It should have had all of those details, as well as items to find, secret places and alot side missions from people around. Actually Kabuki Cho suffers from the same problems East Shinjuki does.
My biggest problem is that you can't talk to anyone in East Shinjuku (expect 1 riot cop) and you can only talk to about half the people in Kabuki Cho. Thats a big no-no in Deus Ex. You should be able to talk to everyone even if its just some tiny dialog.

There were some annoying parts, such as running around looking for the keypad code for the Westside Dock, only to find I had it in my notes all along, and after talking to Yosuke, running around for half an hour without even realizing that I actually have a entertainment pass. Why didn't Yosuke (or the game) tell me that I got one?

The bank mission is almost unplayable, I did not know where to go or what to do aside from some vague idea of a golden buddha on the 3rd floor and it was even worse in terms of a large spacious environment with alot of running around, nothing to interact with.
Getting lost in the underground shopping plaza after talking to the 'aqua lady', which turned out to be nothing compared to the tedium of the final level.

The Underground city is just.. ugly and makes no sense. The ending is pretty much a open admission that the plot was random.

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