Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising is a single-player mod for Mount & Blade Warband 1.158 and higher. The main gameplay features of this mod include Diplomacy 4.2, PBOD .92, and Freelancer 1.51, with several fixes for Freelancer bugs. *** The mod also includes several popular OSP kits and codes, including bridge battles, tavern animations, banking, outposts, recruitment from castles, and the salt mine. *** Various OSP arms and armors have been added to make each of the original factions' troops more distinctive and more varied. Lower-tier troops are armored with light cloth armors, middle-tier troops have thicker cloth or leather armors, and top-tier troops have metal armors. *** The troops trees have been re-done to add skirmisher lines to each faction and to add mounted skirmishers to the Nords, Rhodoks, Sarranids, and Eastern Province. Two new factions have been added.

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One of the VERY best mods for Warband!

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Now that I've gotten to fully experience what this mod was like, I feel like I can give a full review of it. This mod is very solid, if easier because of the salt mines and land system. The new quests are quite fun, and a challenge if you aren't prepared for it. The new troop system works simply and great, now you can't have the best army in all of calradia because you got buddy-buddy with a few villages. You have to go from castle to castle and recruit professional soldiers from there. The new…

Feb 8 2017 by TheRealSlimShady1