Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising is a single-player mod for Mount & Blade Warband 1.158 and higher. The main gameplay features of this mod include Diplomacy 4.2, PBOD .92, and Freelancer 1.51, with several fixes for Freelancer bugs. *** The mod also includes several popular OSP kits and codes, including bridge battles, tavern animations, banking, outposts, recruitment from castles, and the salt mine. *** Various OSP arms and armors have been added to make each of the original factions' troops more distinctive and more varied. Lower-tier troops are armored with light cloth armors, middle-tier troops have thicker cloth or leather armors, and top-tier troops have metal armors. *** The troops trees have been re-done to add skirmisher lines to each faction and to add mounted skirmishers to the Nords, Rhodoks, Sarranids, and Eastern Province. Two new factions have been added.

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Now that I've gotten to fully experience what this mod was like, I feel like I can give a full review of it.

This mod is very solid, if easier because of the salt mines and land system. The new quests are quite fun, and a challenge if you aren't prepared for it. The new troop system works simply and great, now you can't have the best army in all of calradia because you got buddy-buddy with a few villages. You have to go from castle to castle and recruit professional soldiers from there. The new bandits can be a bitch to deal with at the start of game but once you get a small group going (maybe like ten to twenty trained troops and a companion) you can easily take on most bandits. I would still like to see the 1258 AD continuation system added in though. The new companions are a welcomed introduction, if you want a properly geared companion straight off of the bat but for a much higher price and upkeep. Also the noble equites put a nice balance because while they're very good cavalry units, they can be expensive to maintain and are rare. The new factions are also a welcome addition as well but I do feel like the Kelton could be a bit more original. When I fight them just about every troop except for like one or two are non-cavalry. Maybe add in a cavalry unit or two in the tree? The Khergiz tribe is also a bit guilty from this but they're an exception because its supposed to be the original Khanate.

All in all, I would say that this mod is pretty nice if you're just looking for a Vanilla+ mod that adds lots of content to play with, but doesnt completely change how you play. Very nice 9/10


love the this mod and how every faction has similar units and how it aims to be more within the dark ages instead of the middle ages


Good idea for the mod, i see where you're aiming to. I'm liking it so far, and i'm eager to see what the future will bring.

Mod is good, very well balanced and simple, with is good in my opinion, also it have a Byzantine like faction in it with is amazing.I've been following this mod on TW forum since the beginning and I know that Redleg is working real hard on this.


un mod que promete y sospecho cumplirá.

I've already posted my "review" in the comments. TL;DR version - an awesome mod, not too far off Native, not too vanilla. I like to call these mods "Goldilocks mods". A couple of bugs, but it's understandable, as this is after all a mod. 10/10


Great mod, really well done, combines many other (nowadays mandatory) mods and has many armors which are unique to the mod, an interesting recruitment system, new troop trees etc.
The whole setting feels well rounded, the new factions blend in well and the overall feel of the mod is good.
If you are looking for a mod that is close to native, yet distinctivly improved in the right areas aswell as set in the dark age, this one is for you.

PS: I highly recommend that you use the retexture mod for warband (here on moddb) in conjunction with this mod. You overwrite the textures in the normal warband folder (not modules), and as Mercenary Uprising uses Native resources and thus textures (buildings for example), graphics will look better to a good degree.

I also recommend the skyboxes advanced mod (available on nexus), which improves skyboxes and lighting significantly. You just need to drop the files in the desired module (Mercenary Uprising in this case) and change the skybox line in the module.ini, in any case a readme is included with the download.


Çok güzel bi mod olmuş elinize sağlık :)

It still needs some fix , awesome mod

the best warband mod !!

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Good idea for the mod, i see where you're aiming to. I'm liking it so far, and i'm eager to see what the future will bring.

Oct 20 2015 by Thorvaldo