Takes place in the future, on colonized planets. Terrestrial Federation sent a cruiser called Aranon to the planet Akada, where a group of terrorists disrupted extraction of "UNUNPERIUM", a mineral which can generate huge quantities of energy, a highly precious substance. Your mission is to investigate the disruption. - By BOP.

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Weperlol says

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Nice little mod, it really feels like avp but with only humans.

the mod will get confusing for non russian speakers and the enemies are accurate and hit hard but it was fun.


TheUnbeholden says

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+Difficulty, this is rather high as health is rare and enemies with guns are numerous. I think that you take alot more damage than usual.
+Idea. A sci-fiesque half-life mod is a great idea, because we haven't seen it since Dark Star, its ripe for all kinds of stories that can be made quite quickly with the moddability of the gold src engine. A good idea not executed well however...
+Space sky box is quite nice as are some of the in game objects.
+Fairly long.

-Enemy design is rather generic, there are the scientists in the VAT suits and a bunch of avp2 mercs. I was expecting aliens. I wouldn't be disappointed if they could atleast switch it up half way through. Ah well.
-Level design is so very inconsistent, it goes from mostly bland to rather quite nice. It seems to me that HL mods can't really do space ship levels in any interesting or good looking way (with minor exception with Dark Star). Even here we actually get some decent textures (AvP2 I think), it still feels like the actual levels consistent of lots of hallways which doesn't really give rise to the players interest.

-Getting lost is quite common because areas can loop in on themself while on the other hand the levels are also quite linear (which for a spaceship isn't exactly realistic).... Odd combination. The devs should have decided whether they want the levels to be more open ended that can loop OR one linear path.

-Lighting is usually off, many areas are far to bright.
-Cutscenes. They should be short and spectacular (for a sci-fi) but here they just feel drawn out and rather bland. They are in bad need of editing.
-No english subtitles makes for a rather limited localisation.


VladGuardian says

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Банальный прямолинейный шутер, которых еще в квейковую эпоху полно было.
И в то же время самый сок возможностей халфовского движка оставлены за бортом - внезапная телепорация монстров, управление механизмами, и т.д. Кроме того, непроходимость в одном месте заставила водить noclip (опускающаяся решетка на потолке). Игрок застряет в ней, и не может подняться!


flippedoutkyrii says

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It was certainly fun and well made, but it was on short side and it lacked English subtitles.

That shouldn't put you off from giving this a gander, though :)


poshgaloo says

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I liked this one. Could of had English subtitles though. I beat it pretty easily but it could use a walk through in some spots. 8/10.


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