In this brand new sp mission for Call of Duty (2). Fight as a German soldier advancing through Redsquare and onto the docks of Stalingrad.

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Red Square Massacre is more of a custom mission than a map, yet it contains some visuals and sounds from the Back 2 Fronts mod. The mod puts you in the shoes of an unnamed German soldier in the Wehrmacht, during the ending months of the Battle of Stalingrad. This time the history has changed and you are on the winning side, typical scenario for this author.

This mission is a pure example of non-stop FPS action very much in the style of Call of Duty. You are in combat ever since the first seconds of the mod, the Soviets are advancing en mass. There is very little breathing space as you are struggling to defend yourself, hide and pick out the enemy in the thick fog of war in the distance. In spite of the being on the winning side you seldom receive reinforcements. The mod is a story of a lone soldier who starts from being a fresh recruit brought in to reinforce the offensive that in the end turns into a battle-hardened tough soldier that destroys the Soviet hordes of the Red Army in Stalingrad, gets rewarded by the Fuhrer himself.

This is a great mod for those who want to experience the hard, gruesome inhumane fights that occurred during that battle, don't want to listen or read much about the storyline and likes to have the further misery portrayed in occasional memories masked as objects to be picked up by the game. For the best experience I recommend mixing it wit the B2F visuals and the Merciless mod and you get to know how they felt during those days in Stalingrad city.

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