A fan for Real life Military equipment ? then this is your mod ! it is a Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge mod that basically imports a lot of RL military hardware from the cold war era in the 60's to the late 2000's while maintaining a lot RA2 aspects like prism, tesla tech and etc. Also, It expands on the original RA2 armor system thanks to ARES in which it creates more roles to create numerous units effectively expanding the complexity of handling an army making it necessary to use mixed arms to counter the various unit types. Also, do note that each country will have some twists in their military equipment that will be more or less similar to their respective RL counterparts. In short: it is a Semi-RL fun mod but "a fun mod" is conservative statement.

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Soviet Aircraft seems weak. Is the damage model realistic though? Multiple MiG-21 rockets can't destroy a Tank? Also it seemed to me that MiG-19 dealt more damage than MiG-21.

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Bu7loos AuthorOnline

That is because to each has their own role MiG-21 is used against other aircraft (Although it can engage ground target but has a weaker effect Vs heavy vehicles) and MiG-19 has an anti-tank duty with Modified K-5 laser guided missiles.

Sure MiG-19/17 can engage air targets but 2 of them is not sufficient enough to take down an aircraft like MiG-21's specifically when it comes to heavier aircraft's. Meanwhile light aircraft's such as the A-4's, MiG-17's or F-5's are weak enough to be taken down by MiG-19's.

Nonetheless it still took 2 MiG-19's to shoot down 1 A-4 while the MiG-21 although one of them had missed its F-5 Target (even though it left it critically damaged with 25/125 of its total hit points and left of for the air defenses to finish it of [which was not shown, sorry !]) but the other managed to shoot down one of the aggressors.

Lastly MiG-21's and A-4's Can fire their air to air missiles both has an error measure with their missile, leaving you to choose from buying an older model Like the MiG-19 but with a reliable hitting ratio with less damage or MiG-21's with less reliable hitting ration but with more damage (Missile Tech back in the 60's and 70's had their limitations).

Lastly, In terms of firepower some of soviet aircraft's are a bit weaker but cheaper in the process.

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Soviet Legit stuff Comrades ! have a good one !

A video introduction the main soviet aircraft.

YouTube: Youtube.com

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