A fan for Real life Military equipment ? then this is your mod ! it is a Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge mod that basically imports a lot of RL military hardware from the cold war era in the 60's to the late 2000's while maintaining a lot RA2 aspects like prism, tesla tech and etc. Also, It expands on the original RA2 armor system thanks to ARES in which it creates more roles to create numerous units effectively expanding the complexity of handling an army making it necessary to use mixed arms to counter the various unit types. Also, do note that each country will have some twists in their military equipment that will be more or less similar to their respective RL counterparts. In short: it is a Semi-RL fun mod but "a fun mod" is conservative statement.

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F-16 Aircraft Variants of Several Allied Nations : U.S.A, Japan, Korea, Israel and Turkey.

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Allied F-16's Country Variants :

F 16 Vairents

1 - F-16C General Dynamics 'Falcon' Fighter (Far Left) - U.S.A :

  • Wing Tip Pylon Weapon = AIM-9 Short Range Heat Seaking Missile (Anti-Air).
  • Under Wing Pylon Weapon = AGM-88 High-Speed anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) (Anti-Radiation Structure).
  • Role = Fighter Aircraft.
  • Ammo = 2

The most commonly used western aircraft around the globe due to its well balanced Spec's. This version which is specifically used by the United States which is only used for interception missions and knocking out enemy radar and senor installations.

2 - F-2A Mitsubishi 'Dokuhebi Rei 毒へび零 (Viper Zero)' Marine Aircraft (Left) - Japan :

  • Wing Tip Pylon Weapon = Type-99 - AAM-4 (Air to Air Missile) Active Radar Homing Medium Range missile (Anti-Air).
  • Under Wing Pylon Weapon = Type-93 - ASM-2 (Air To Surface Missile) Medium Range Guided Missile (Anti-Navy).
  • Role = Marine Aircraft.
  • Ammo = 2

Most Controversial aircraft made between Japan and the United States. A total of 98 aircraft's were produced. This aircraft specializes in destroying marine targets. like the F-15EK it can fire upon submerged vessels. Also, it has a slightly outdated AAM-4 unlike the F-15J it has less destruction power but retain long range capabilities, this aircraft is a substitute for F-15J in Tight situation only and should not be taken as a replacement to it since F-15J's is Broadly speaking a Pure AA aircraft specialized in intercepting all aircraft types and its AAM-4 has a better destruction power to counter medium-heavy aircraft's like soviet Kirov's or Yuri's insidious floating disks.

3 - F-16CK Korean Aerospace Industries 'Saemae 새매(Falcon)' Fighter (Middle) - South Korea :

  • Wing Tip Pylon Weapon = AIM-9K Short Range Heat Seeking / Guided Missile (Anti-Air/Ground).
  • Under Wing Pylon Weapon = AIM-9K Short Range Heat Seeking / Guided Missile (Anti-Air/Ground).
  • Role = Fighter Aircraft.
  • Ammo = 3

Initially adopted and produced under-licence from Lock-heed Martin in 1990's. About 140 aircraft's was manufactured with the first batch being delivered in late 1994. This aircraft variant has a modified AIM-9 missile in which not only it engages Air targets but ground targets as well, the missiles has a High-Explosive warhead thus making it effective against air and light ground targets.

4 - F-16CI 'Sufa (Storm)' Fighter (Far Right) - Israel :

  • Wing Tip Pylon Weapon = Python-4 Short Range HeatSeeking Missile (Anti-Air).
  • Under Wing Pylon Weapon = (Guided Bomb Unit) GBU-12 - MK 82 500 lb - HEAP (High Explosive Armored Piercing) Warhead (Anti-Ground).
  • Role = Fighter Aircraft.
  • Ammo = 2

A reliable and dedicated aircraft that Israel had purchased from the united states, it's debut combat happened in the bekka vally in 1981 which proved to be a successful fighter. The Israeli Variant is armed with a Python-4 that has a shorter range than the AIM-9 but has a high speed and accuracy to hit ratio. It is also armed with GBU-12 laser guided bomb to counter various ground targets specifically structures.

5 - F-16CT Turkish Aerospace Industries 'Şahin (Falcon)' Fighter (Right) - Turkey :

  • Wing Tip Pylon Weapon = AIM-9 Short Range Heat Seeking Missile (Anti-Air).
  • Under Wing Pylon Weapon = AGM-65 Guided Missile (Anti-Ground).
  • Role = Fighter Aircraft.
  • Ammo = 2

First acquired by the Turkish air-force in 1987 and participated in Bosnia and Kosovo in 1993 in support of the United Nation peace resolutions. The Turkish aircraft load-out consists of an AIM-9 AA missiles and AGM-65 Mavericks for anti-tank operations, it can attack other surface targets as well but with exception of infantry.

And that's all Folks !! Stay tuned for in games of F-15's and F-16's

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