A fan for Real life Military equipment ? then this is your mod ! it is a Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge mod that basically imports a lot of RL military hardware from the cold war era in the 60's to the late 2000's while maintaining a lot RA2 aspects like prism, tesla tech and etc. Also, It expands on the original RA2 armor system thanks to ARES in which it creates more roles to create numerous units effectively expanding the complexity of handling an army making it necessary to use mixed arms to counter the various unit types. Also, do note that each country will have some twists in their military equipment that will be more or less similar to their respective RL counterparts. Aside from that, each country hopefully will be having a bit of it own unique military pop-culture hardware something like Top-Gun MiG-28s or F-15J KAI PLUS from Pat-labor the movie 2. In short: it is a Semi-RL fun mod but "a fun mod" is conservative statement.

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Ranking system that will be introduced to the mod per country.

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In this mod there will be a custom ranking insignia system per country similar to that of the one that exists in Real Life. All ranks will be corresponding to the latest update to all countries in real life as much as possible with the exception of a few cases. Please beware that these systems will be fully adopted with each country at a time after the release of the alpha builds as each country will have their own special release and with it comes their custom ranking insignia system. Nonetheless, in the alpha release there will be some instances where some of the custom ranks is used, an example of that is British sniper uses British enlisted custom ranks.

Now lets start off with the Allied affiliated countries:

1- United States of America:

USA Ranks 1

The first row is the officer ranking insignia, second row are the warrant officer (WO) ranks and the last row are the enlist ranks. I would like to highlight the obvious here that the higher the rank the more important the individual. Also, as a rule of thumb for every ranking system aside from the US's system, most infantry are enlists/WO, most vehicles are officers, so for example if an enlist leaps into a WO or an officer rank there will be a huge leap in unit's statues provided that that the individual unit's rank is low.

2- United Kingdom of Great Britain:

British Ranks

The last 2 insignia at the bottom row are WO ranks. There are more types of insignia for the rank for the last 2 aforementioned ranks but these the ones that appear were selected for the sake of information convenience.

3- French Republic:

French Ranks

Similar to the United Kingdom but with an extra rank, the last 3 insignia are WO ranks.

4- Republic of Germany:

German Ranks

I would like to note that the republic of Germany follow a custom ranking insignia system different than that of RL contemporary ranking system. It uses a mix of WW2 German army enlists insignia and a custom made officer insignia . I hope that all of you will like what I have made for them.

WO insignia notation is similar to the french, last 3 being WO ranks.

5- The Republic of Korea (South Korea):

South Korea Ranks 1

Please note that there is a WO rank at the bottom right (Enlist row - last insignia).

6- The State of Japan:

Japanese Ranks

similar to South Korea.

7- The State Of Israel:

Israeli Ranks

Please note that the first enlist insignia at the bottom row was added for the sake of consistency for this mod as it is no longer used by the Israeli Defense force. Also, the last 2 insignia at the bottom row are WO ranks.

8- Republic of Turkey:

Turkish Ranks

Please note that there is a custom made enlist ranks at the mid row, nearly all of these insignia are custom with the exception of the final insignia (the one with 2 gold chevrons and a crescent).

Before we wrap up with the Allied countries insignia ranking systems I would like to note that some ranking may not progress constructively and there maybe skips or jumps with in the same row that either will or will not affect the unit's statues by a large margin.

Right, now lets start off with the Soviet affiliated countries:

1- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics:

USSR Ranks

The final 2 insignia at the bottom row are WO ranks and the 2 ranks before them overlap in real life and were both included to bolster USSR's enlist ranks.

2- Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:

Yugoslavia Ranks

Yugoslavia armed forces uses its mid to late 40's ranking system. Please note that the last rank at the bottom row is actually an officer cadet rank insignia, but it will be used as WO rank.

3- Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea):

NorthKorean Ranks

North Korean army uses slightly different custom made insignia ranks than that of the RL but it is not to far from it specifically the officer rank insignia (upper row).

4- People's Republic of China :

Chineese Ranks

China uses slightly altered ranking system of that from RL. For example, The fourth rank at the upper row is added where as it does not exist in RL.

5- Republic of Iraq:

Iraq Ranks

Perhaps the most compact ranking system is the Iraqi system. Please note that there is a rank higher that the finale rank at the upper row but was not included.

6- Republic of Egypt:

Egypt Ranks

Please not that the last 2 insignia at the bottom row are WO ranks. Also, the 5th rank of the bottom row does note exist in RL and was custom made for the sake of hierarchical consistency.

7- Republic of Cuba:

Cuba Ranks

The first rank of the bottom row is custom made since it did find any data on it so it was added for the sake of consistency. Also, WO ranks starts from 6th to the 9th rank at the bottom row.

8- Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:

Venezuela Ranks

Similar to the United States of America, Venezuela follow the same row identification being: Upper row is OF ranks, mid row is WO and the last row is enlisted insignia ranks.

And that's a wrap folks ! see you on the next update !


So what insignias will infantry/tanks/ships/planes/buildings(?) get?

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Bu7loos AuthorOnline

Depends, the higher the techno/building types tier the higher start and ending ranks. But generally, they all start from the left side of the row, how much they progress depends on what I am going to specifically introduce per Techno/Building type.

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nice idea! have not seen such feature in any CnC mod i played before...

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Bu7loos AuthorOnline

I always wanted a complex Ranking system per country. Now, thanks to ARES I can have/make that system.

And how it can be achieved ? unit to unit conversion ! once a unit attains a certain rank it changes its image/graphics ! so because of this system expect the unexpected is least to say.

Lastly and hopefully, Each country will have some sort of Style for ranking up.

- Israel has more Field upgrades for its units but in a constructive less drastic manner like it's Sho't (Centurion) Medium Tank that progress through Variants Alef(A) , Bet(B), Gimmel (C) and Daelt (D) variants. So in essence it changes slowly while ranking up, these changes includes: Armor skirts, Extra passenger slot to allow infantry to fire from inside the vehicle, Extra Sub weapon like an HMG or a grenade launcher for the Tank and overall slight statues increases aside from what was mentioned.

-Iraq and Egypt: Has less ranking up among their units but unlike Israel they both have very drastic changes but in a less constructive manner. For example A T-62 might be upgraded 2 times with a custom cameo for the first time with a firm statues leap and another solid weapon like a missile launcher that is used for siege purposes for the last time. But in the long run Israeli units would surpass them due to having long experience that had been received from the field.

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sounds very complex, so have faith and strength to realize all this(especially all the vehicle variants).

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