Red alert: For Honor is a total conversion for C&C Red alert. Command the Americans, Germans, Japanese, British and Filipinos. It not only replaces the graphics and units, it also changes the strategy up to. a group of infantry dont stand a chance against tanks, but if they are armed with anti-armor, the tank doesn't turn that fast, and can be eliminated with ease. Some of the units include Rifle Infantry, Bazooka Infantry, M1A2 Sherman, M26 Perishing and P-51 Mustang, just for the Allied side! While the germans have Panzer, Tiger and Jagdpanther tanks. Combining these units with others can be very destructive, as with the Blitzkrieg strategy, which involves tanks and infantry backed by fighters. The all new superweapons are awe inspiring. There is the Atom Bomb, which can destroys pretty much anything, the V2 Missile, which attacks with terror. there are also new superunits, such as the V1 Rocket Launcher, which throws powerful rockets across the field, and the Prototype...

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