An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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I like many stuff about this mod, but I Feel that the best thing is Indeed the Relationship so-to-say, between the followers and the Devs. I mean,look at the suggestion page, while there are MANY who were denied, quite a lot where accepted. and we've not started about protocols,etc.

another thing is the Lore behind this mod. it's amazing. Red alert 3 had much lore compared to the Original red alert, and Paradox mod turns it up to 11:there is information about the units,about the faction, about the technology of the factions,anything.

on the other hand, I have a feeling that this mod will take lots of time to get used to. there are 5 new factions,whit their own playstiles,game mechanics, units, and etc. adjusting between factions could be hard at times,and whit double the units for the Old factions, I think we can also worry about Lags. Especially in Multyplayerm whit 6 protectorate armies.

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One of the best things with Paradox is the extraordinary realationship between the followers and the devs, the devs give you an insight in each step of the developement. Heck, they even a suggestion page, (with actually alot accepted suggestions, though not in percentage). And ofcourse, gotta love the old C&C Nostalgia mixed with total new stuff. The mod itself have a large potential, though the final release is far far away in time and space, they have done alot to. The gameplay and units are…

Jul 6 2010 by GriffinZ