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Oct 10 2011 Anchor

It has been announced that the Defense Bureau will be made into the Allies' unlock structure for advanced base defenses and Super-weapons: but I am concerned that putting so much resources into a bunker-down tactic will leave the option too dependent on other tech.

I suggest letting the Defense Bureau purchase protocols in addition to its unlock functions: allowing a commander using a bunker-down tactic to rely more heavily on protocol and super-weapon support.

Igncom1 Support Commander of the Protectorate.
Oct 13 2011 Anchor

I’m not sure what you

That the Defence Bureau upgrades protocols as well as
what it usually does?

Sounds fair, but how do the allied's do
this normally?


Yes my spelling is horibble get over it!

Im never really mean, just a little stupid :P .

Oct 13 2011 Anchor

I believe that the Defense Bureau was originally tied to the Experimental Production Structure protocols, but now they are separate.

My Idea is that the Defense Bureau would allow players to pay to unlock and/or upgrade protocols as well as unlocking defenses and super-weapons. I feel that increased investment and reliant on protocols would be fitting for a game-play style alternate but not exclusive from the Conventional and Experimental tech trees. I am also unsure that the already strong Experimental tech tree needs an array of powerful protocols on top of its powerful units.

Allied production buildings give protocols merely by existing, which is common in Paradox. The Conventional Production Structures would upgrade based on tier, while the Experimental Production Structures were tied to the Defense Bureau. Since this tie is to be broken, I do not know what the Paradox team plans for Experimental Protocols.

Oct 15 2011 Anchor

I thought the Defense Bureau is called the Defense Bureau so you can build defensive stuff?

Oct 15 2011 Anchor

IFork wrote: I thought the Defense Bureau is called the Defense Bureau so you can build defensive stuff?

If I recall correctly it also allows you to train spies and Tanya.

Oct 15 2011 Anchor

Its current planned functions are to be unlocking advanced defenses, training Spies (though I think tier 2 without a Defense Bureau also can), and constructing Super-Weapons.

I do not know what their plans are to change Tanya'a tier if any, but it could be awesome if the Defense Bureau was the only thing needed to unlock her- Commando rush at the cost of sticking to tier-1 units for longer.

Anyway, thematically I think Protocols could fit it because it seems like the place to coordinate special operations.

open_sketchbook Your Lord and Master
Nov 16 2011 Anchor

That Tanya idea isn't a bad one...

Nov 17 2011 Anchor

Yea as if paying 1k for her isn't enough

R3ven Paradox Leader
Nov 17 2011 Anchor

In vRA3, including all pre-reqs the final cost is 10,300 for a Tanya(if you neglect to do anything but go for Tanya).

If we were to make her just require a Defense Bureau, she would cost 6,800, so you would pay significantly less for her actually.

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