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A quick summary of the new Experimental Vehicles available to the Allied Nations, each a superior weapon of war undergoing field trial.

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The Allies are a science driven
faction. While their regularly manufactured vehicles lack the punch
of those used by other factions, for the most part, the Allies have
adapted a wide range of powerful technologies to their service, using
experimental sciences to great advantage on the field. Therefore, the
Allies are unique as a faction in that, in Red Alert 3 Paradox, the
Allies gain a forth tier, also know as the Tech Tier.

The Tech Tier consists of two new
buildings constructed after the Defense Bureau, both of them
production facilities; the Experimental Workshop and the Airstrip.
Today I'll be discussing the Experimental Workshop and it's output.

The Experimental Workshop produces
specialized, powerful units that combine fragility, offensive power
and expense to make powerful support units. Experimental units won't
win any battles for you by themselves; they are too few in number and
fragile, as a result of their untested nature. However, each is
uniquely powerful in their given role, allowing them to smash certain
enemies with startling ease far beyond that of a conventional
vehicle. Carefully employed in small numbers, Experimental Vehicles
can turn the tide of a battle. They are the Particle Expeller,
the Fusion Torchtank, the Barkhausen Projector, the
Planck Compressor, Rosen Bridging Tank and
Pion Isospin Array.

The Particle Expeller is the first of
these vehicles, and it focuses it's power into long-ranged anti-tank
support. The Expeller fires four particle clusters per burst, and
fires bursts several seconds apart; the end result is usually enough
to destroy most tanks every burst. However, the Expeller is fragile,
direct-fire only, and possesses a sizable dead-zone; they are best
used to support Guardian tanks in the fight. When being attacked by
large groups of vehicles, the Heavy Elements secondary fire can be
used to damage a number of enemies with each shot. The Particle
Expeller is also amphibious, so don't be afraid to get it wet in the
pursuit of your enemies.

The Fusion Torchtank is an experimental
French vehicle which looks into the compression of elements into
larger forms. This “Fusion” process is currently an
uncontrollable sequence that is only capable of creating a long
tongue of superheated particles capable of melting most anything
instantly. Useless for most applications, but potentially deadly in
warfare. The Torchtank will destroy most anything it can get into
attack range of within a second; buildings, infantry, vehicles and
superweapons all vanish before the brilliant white flame.
Unfortunately this flame has an extremely short range, practically
requiring the Torchtank to be touching the target, and the vehicle is
neither fast enough nor tough enough to achieve this in normal combat
operations. It is best used as a rapid mop-up vehicle, to destroy
powered-down defenses, buildings, hardpoints and distracted enemies.
It's secondary function, Torch Jet, allows the Torchtank to slowly
and sluggishly take to the air, in order to position itself more

The Barkhausen Projecter is a German
innovation that combines a powerful microwave emitter with a large
generator. With such power at it's disposal, the Barkhausen can
ionize a large area of the sky for a short time before the system
overheats. In effect this attack creates a continuous explosion in
the sky, causing heavy splash damage to anything foolish enough to
cross it's field of fire. However, it only gets a few seconds of
firepower before it's safety features kick in and the tank stops
firing. Safety Overide, it's secondary function, allows the
Barkhausen to continue firing, even to it's detriment.

The Planck Compressor is a strange
vehicle indeed. Using a high-tech “string” projector, the Planck
Compressor creates a pocket dimension around itself where time flows
differently. When activated, the chrono-field surrounding the tank
causes things within the field to slow drastically, which can give
you vital seconds to deal with threats. The tank itself must remain
stationary to use this effect. One of the benefits of the chronofield
is that shots can be fired out, but not into, the field, forcing
enemies to drive into the pocket dimension to engage enemies. Of
course, anything inside has a drastically lower rate of fire, so it
isn't really practical to, say, defend your artillery with. When not
using the field, the Compressor is armed with an Anti-Matter Stream,
which does heavy damage to buildings.

The Rosen Bridging Tank creates a
localized event called a “wormhole” to appear in a small radius
around the vehicle when it's secondary fire is activated, allow it
and a small number of units to teleport to a new location instantly,
basically a smaller, more limited version of Chronosphere technology.
This can be a powerful assest, but care must be taken, as the ability
has a large charge time, and units are stunned when they first leave the portal. The vehicle itself isn't defenseless, as it
can use it's Schrödinger
Cannon to freeze enemy units in time, where they slowly take damage!

The Pion Isospin Array is a powerful
anti-infantry vehicle that can target and instantly kill several
infantry units at a time, tearing them apart at the mesonic level by
reversing the spin of their meson groups. The Array is extremely
specialized, as it can't even damage air units or vehicles, but in
it's role it is unstoppable. The vehicle's targeted secondary
function, Disrupt, manifests as a ray that can kill enemy infantry
garrisoning a structure.

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