A mod inspired by early C&C. It all began with a simple question : what if the Soviet won against the Allied in Europe?

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All the Allied units, buildings and superweapons, without the country specific ones.

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Welcome Back!

In RA2, I've never really liked the Allied technology. Coming from RA1, I liked their previous iteration, based on a more realist style. As I wanted the Soviet in my mod to be inspired by their RA1's counterpart, I wanted to drastically change the Allied in the same way, but with a bit more inspiration from the tiberium franchise. In RA20XX, as the Allied techtree expands, they start to look more like GDI to some degree.

==========Allied Core Armament==========



Role : Basic infantry
Weapon : Assault Rifle
Prerequisite : Barrack
Note : Slightly more expensive than its Soviet counterpart (100 credit vs 90 credit).
Credit : Merophage


Role : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Air
Weapon : Rocket launcher
Prerequisite : Barrack
Note : An undeployable version of RA2's Guardian.
Credit : Merophage


Role : Engineer
Prerequisite : Barrack
Note : Capture building, repair building and bridge.
Credit : Merophage

Attack Dog

Role : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Spy
Weapon : Sharp teeth
Prerequisite : Barrack
Note : Less armor than the Soviet Terror Drone.


Role : Infantry support
Weapon : Medkit
Prerequisite : Barrack
Note : Heals friendly infantry nearby.
Credit : Merophage


Role : Anti-Infantry, Recon
Weapon : Assault Rifle
Prerequisite : Barrack + Radar
Note : Pretty much the same as in RA2.


Role : Spy
Weapon : Decoy kit
Prerequisite : Barrack + Tech Lab
Note : Function the same as in RA2.


Role : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Building
Weapon : MP5 + C4
Prerequisite : Barrack + Tech Lab
Note : Replaces both Tanya and the Seal, but has the stats of Tanya. No BuildLimit.
Credit : Denmon0728


Hover Harvester

Role : Harvester
Prerequisite : War Factory
Note : Hover and faster than the Soviet counterpart, but with less armor and less storage.
Credit : mevitar

Spartan Buggy

Role : Recon, Anti-Cloaked
Weapon : Heavy Machinegun
Prerequisite : War Factory
Note : Allow one infantry to fire from inside.
Credit : Mig Eater

Legionnaire Tank

Role : Main Battle Tank
Weapon : 105mm Cannon
Prerequisite : War Factory
Note : Faster than the Hammer Tank, with a bit more range.
Credit : Mig Eater

Hydra IFV

Role : Flexible vehicle, Anti-Air
Weapon : x2 Missiles
Prerequisite : War Factory
Note : As in RA2, its weapon changes by loading an infantry in it.
Credit : Azri_Apoc

Automata Tank

Role : Light Hover Tank
Weapon : Auto-Cannon
Prerequisite : War Factory + Robot Center
Note : Mostly identical to its vanilla YR's counterpart, but with an auto-cannon.
Credit : Fryone


Role : Anti-Air
Weapon : Dual slingshot cannon
Prerequisite : War Factory + Radar
Note : Designed to shred aircraft with high effectiveness. Can only shot air target.
Credit : Creator

Ballista Howitzer

Role : Long Range
Weapon : 155mm cannon
Prerequisite : War Factory + Radar
Note : It has low mobility but has a long range accurate weapon.
Credit : Azri_Apoc


Role : Troop / Vehicle Transport
Prerequisite : War Factory + Radar
Note : Can now transport up to 6 infantry, or 2 light/medium vehicle.
Credit : Mig Eater

Orca Hunter

Role : Air Fighter
Weapon : x2 AG Missiles
Prerequisite : Radar
Note : Replaces the Harrier.
Credit : die (modified)

Apollo Tank

Role : Tech Tank
Weapon : Weaponized sonic wave
Prerequisite : War Factory + Tech Lab
Note : Uses a long range weapon, similar to TS's Disruptor. Damage is gradual and units caught in the sonic wave also take damage.
Credit : Moder.U

Hypnos Jammer

Role : Offensive Support
Weapon : Jamming equipment
Prerequisite : War Factory + Tech Lab
Note : The Hypnos Jammer can disable enemy radar and power dependent defense structure (like Tesla Coil or Grand Cannon). Its weapon affects everything in 10 cells around the units, making it a great support unit in any attacking force.
Credit : Mig Eater + SaneDisruption (modified)

Phalanx Fortress

Role : Heavy Infantry Support
Weapon : Heavy machinegun
Prerequisite : War Factory + Tech Lab
Note : The Phalanx Fortress now has a bit more armor and costs more. However, it can now passively heal nearby infantry.
Credit : Shin.Peter.Pan (voxel) + cxtian39 (Heal animation)


Role : Base expansion
Prerequisite : War Factory + Tech Lab + Service Depot
Credit : SaneDisruption


User Posted Image
Credit : Mig Eater (Aegis anti-air defense system), kenosis (Passive Service Depot's repair ring), OmegaBolt (Tech Lab).

Most of the buildings are very similar to RA2's. Only those with new mechanics will be showcased in detail.

Gun Turret
User Posted Image
Role : Anti-Vehicle
Weapon : SABOT Cannon
Prerequisite : War Factory
Note : Is not power dependant. Does high damage against vehicle, but close to nothing to infantry. Replaces RA2's Prism Tower.
Credit : MadHQ

Fusion Plant Upgrade
User Posted Image
Role : Power
Prerequisite : Radar
Note : Boost the Power Plant efficiency by 50% for a fraction of the cost.
Credit : MustaphaTR

Robot Control Center + Machinegun Drone
User Posted Image
Role : Support
Prerequisite : Radar
Note : When build, the Robot Control Center gives access to the Automata Tank and the Machinegun Drone. The latter will be launched by almost every Allied vehicle to assist in battle, using a light machine gun. It can be shot down by AA weapon, but will be repaired automatically after some time.
Credit : cxtian39 (Machinegun Drone)

Gap Generator
User Posted Image
Role : Tactical Building
Prerequisite : Tech Lab
Note : Mostly identical to its vanilla YR's counterpart, but it is now animated.
Credit : MadHQ (animation)

Atlas Control Center
User Posted Image
Role : Superweapon
Prerequisite : Tech Lab
Note : Replaces the Weather Control Device. Links the commander general on the battlefield to the Atlas Space Station, allowing the use of the Atlas Cannon.
Credit : xuetianyi


EMP Airstrike
User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
Role : Offensive Support
Weapon : Cluster EMP missiles
Prerequisite : Tech Lab
Note : When the Tech Lab is build, the commander general gains access to an EMP Airstrike every 5 minutes. Two Condor jet fighter will gather at the chosen location, firing multiple missiles that will freeze enemy vehicle for 30 seconds.
Credit : Mig Eater

User Posted Image
Role : Taltical Support
Prerequisite : Chronosphere
Note : Function as in RA2.

Atlas Cannon
User Posted Image
Role : Offensive Support
Prerequisite : Atlas Control Center
Note : When the 7 minutes timer reachs zero, the Atlas Space Station will fire a high focus ion beam at the chosen location. Anything that survive the impact will be affected by EMP for 1 minute.
Credit : DonutArnold (for some part of the animation)


The Allied navy will be shown later, since I'll code it when everything will be finished (including the Soviet's forces). Until next time!

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