R.E.A.R.M. - "Rearmament Expansion And Redesign Mod" is an unofficial Homeworld 2 expansion and it adds number of new interesting and various units.

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jorzza says

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a very well made mod and new units blend in seamlessly with the original vanilla ones. my only problem is that when you have a lot of units onscreen the original textures and models pixelize and is not the best for recordings.
the latest version is pretty bug free except the kadeshi. i cannot seem to get them working but overall an excelent mod even in early stages.


soy107 says

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This mod is good, it keeps single player intact, and have a lot of nice ships.


A very good mod for home world two. well balanced with a hint of lemon


luxyuz says

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The best mod out there. Don't stop working on it.


This is the mod that got me into modding Homeworld 2. The Modular destroyers and the supercarrier especially had me more excited for new gameplay than anything else. Its a shame as of me writing this that REARM is discontinued for the time being, I can only hope future updates will come.

R.E.A.R.M. Is one of the best modifications for a game ive ever player. It stays with an old formula while injecting lots of new and superbly crafted content. The new Brilliantly modeled ships provide a level of versatility unknown in most other games. Definetly worth the download, play and keep.


Has great potential.


The R.E.A.R.M Modifaction for Homeworld 2 1.0 is still in its alpha/beta like stages but during this time the devoloper Pouk3D,
Has Shown us the Great features that this mod will have by allowing the download's of its early stages and is Obvisisly Dedicated to the completion of this mod while there are still problems with it, will be resolved later on in the mod as for so he has make a very well balanced mod between all races (Mostly Vaygr and Higarren) the mod is contuining still and over a majority of the MODDB Website and Homeworld FanMembers, Groups and so on this mod has proven to become more popular than the Complex 7.4.4 Mod.
This was my review/Opinion on this mod and i wish this mod and pouk will continue on Successfully.


A great mod for those wishing to extend they're homeworld experience. All the ships fit in very well, and is in fact one of the more balanced mods out there. The only real issue with it is that it isn't completed yet (and is still in alpha). Which makes one wonder what it will be like when it's complete (Don't stop working on this mod!)

Granted the developer is a wee bit disorganized but when you find a mod developer that isn't let me know (Which invalidates it as a point to take away from score)


I like the good work put into the models of new ships. Customizable ships are good traits in REARM as well.

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fine mod i like it

great job

keep up the good worke

Apr 20 2011 by Baroness1