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In this news post you can read the story (updates possible) of the hordes of the East. Read Content for the story.

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The lands far in th east have always known war.In the very beginning of this realm.Some humans discovered this lands.The numbers of them became bigger and bigger. Untill there appeared split ups.Those humans splited up in clans. There were big, strong, small, rich, poor, weak,etc.
War broke out between all clans, no clan was spared from the war. But ultimatly 5 clans
remained. the Bandua clan, the oskoro clan, the askana clan, the ouantran clan and the
bunshu clan. they decided to live in peace, but that peace didn't last for long.
The oskoro clan made invasion plans, made barnd-new siege equipment,
invested tons of money in its military. And three-hundred and fifty years
later they declared war upon the 4 other clans. The Bandua and the Ouantran clan
stood no chance agaist the powerfull armies. But the Askana and the Bunshu
declared an military agreement. They became allies, the first time in easeren
history there were allies.

But still the much larger and better equiped Oskoro clan was overwhelming the two.
They decided to put all their profit in their military. They invented
the best armors and navy. They could finally defend their selfs against the
powerfull Oskoro offensive technology. The Oskoro saw that. The castles became harder
and harder to conquer, and the Allies are striking back, Castles are being lost in the
outer west and outer east territories. He marched out all of his armies stationed
in the north and in all castles that were not against enemy territory.
But that was a foolish decision.

The orcs located in the North west swamps saw this as an oppurtinity and attacked
the Oskoro clan without warning. It even took 2 more month to let this news
reach the royal palace. The Oskoro began to become desperate. He withdrew some armies
stationed agaist the Askana-Bunshu boundry and stationed them in major cities
in the north west. Unfortunatly those cities were more land inwards, so the Oskoro
lost pretty much ground. But when the orks arrived at the major cities, they couldn't
attack further becouse of the strong defences. The orcs retreated to their new built
cities in the new conquered grounds. But now weakened at the Askana-Bunshu border,
the Oskoro clan decides to invest even more money in the military. Now they wield and
unimaniably large army, even larger than all empire legions. Now he could defend the

But then an opportunity came to take even more lands. The empire crumbled
caused by its political problems. All that land, just lying there. With no owner.
The Oskoro marched the remaining warriors to the former empire lands, but so did
the orks and the Askana-Bunshu armies. Land was seised very quickly.
But then the Askana-Bunshu Declared an pact with some westeren territories, with
the Asarian empire and the Akkadian empire and some minor states in former-empire
lands. They sided with the Askara-Bunshu against the Oskoro. That now had got the nickname:
Tiger hordes, quickly the Askara-Bunshu get the nickname Golden Dragons.
They got that nickname for their god, that represended an golden dragon.

For the Tiger hordes is it your turn to show the world your army and conquer it!
Or you can make alliances and peacefully let your empire grow as the Golden dragon army!


they all sound pretty rich, investing into their militaries like that

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gerrit1919 Author

when they invested in their military they actually invested all left over of their money ( so all except import, infrastructure ,etc.) and that was quite alot ;)

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keep up the good work on story writing

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