Dow-Host: Red Phoenix Rising is a total conversion of CNC zerohour. The mod aims to deliver a more realistic battlefield experience. Also, this mod will transform Zerohour to a more demanding strategy game while keeping some arcade touches to make the game enjoyable. The following playable factions will be included: USA, Russia, China, EU, and the GLA

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T 72 Test (2500 polys) (view original)

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With 2500 polys, 60+ units were in action, lots of explosions, high altitude camera, very minor lag (doesnt affect the game). The lag started only after 50 units. I think if polys are down to 1800 then the game will never lag even with 80 + units.

Screen Resolution: 1400*1050
Graphics Settings = Maximum
Gamedata.ini Settings:
MaxParticleCount = 20000
MaxFieldParticleCount = 300
ENB Series enabled

Got it!

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