Dow-Host: Red Phoenix Rising is a total conversion of CNC zerohour. The mod aims to deliver a more realistic battlefield experience. Also, this mod will transform Zerohour to a more demanding strategy game while keeping some arcade touches to make the game enjoyable. The following playable factions will be included: USA, Russia, China, EU, and the GLA

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Apr 24 2013 Anchor

Notice: some of the ideas below are still incomplete and are subject to changes:
Ideas near completion or already completed:

  1. A newly developed Multiple Targeting system for Aircrafts, SAMs and ABMs.
  2. Dynamic Buildings (buildings made of 7 objects or more, when attacked they get destroyed in parts)
  3. Proximity Fuse instead of impact detonation for some units such as ABMs.
  4. Enhanced Graphics & New Explosions / Animations
  5. Addition of SRBM's (Short Range Ballistic Missiles) can target anywhere on the map & Addition of ABM's (Anti Ballistic Missile systems).
  6. Defenses such as S400 triumph to counter strategic aircrafts such as B2's and B1B's.
  7. INFANTRY can be purchased separately or in SQUADS
  8. MORE Command Buttons to give more control over units to the player
  9. New Special Abilities & Powers.
  10. A better ranking system

Ideas not implemented yet / Under Development:

  1. Larger Maps (maximum limit of worldbuilder will be used)
  2. New realistic resource system & battle system
  3. Since manufacturing tanks and planes usually takes a long time, they should be ordered or called off the map. This means No War factories but we will have something else instead.
  4. Better air to air combat system (will use the IRMTSv2, missile jamming and flares)
  5. A very new and difficult AI
  6. Single player missions and coop network missions
  7. Infantry that can prone.
  8. New Music, and Realistic Sound Effects
  9. New Menus and Options
  10. New aircrafts, buildings, infantry, and ground units (check out the units list)
Jul 12 2013 Anchor

Sir I want to suggest some thing
Part 1
make a big map like 800 * 800
1. add many Type of gathering Resource like the game "Stronghold 3 "
2. if Aircraft To go any mission Then show its fuel bar if low in fuel then returning to base.
3. Aircraft Targeting system and voice likely the Game Act of War "high treason"
4. Build up The Aircraft and Helicopter Is Take 50,000 $ per Unit Because if 1 Missile Can Destroy Large of Area.
5 Make A City like Empire Earth 2.
Ex. Road . Wire , Wall , Warehouse , Store , Hospital , House (in house evey house generate 8 pepole Then send to university and make doctor engineeer soilder pilot or wood cutter , farmer , builder, etc.) , and the Concept of the Big Airfield Is Very good . Sir i also Requested To make The helipad their Helicopter can be land like in one helipad 4 or helicopter an be land . All the helicopter can lift up and lift down option .Make a also fbi building where u should make fbi agent which health is 4 time more than commandos and they are very costly.

Note Also make a patrol option and guard any one unit option.

Part 2
6. Gla Make A virus And Drop in City There City Many of People change in zombies. they attack us in your city then fight with and Rescue the population From This Place. Every rescue People give 500$
8. there are 3 phase
1st phase. Fight of minimum 10 minutes and kill all the zombies.
2nd phase . make a antidote and distribute by helicopter.
3rd phase. drop a nuclear missiles.
make a one Building Place of Stategy Center Like White house and put the options to what can do or take the action like the upgrade menu shows in company of heroes. the zombies solution is
Government has:

Evacuation - retreat human population

Military - fight/kill off Zombies

Quarantine - identify and limit spread of infection

Nuke missile - obliterate everything

Vaccine - turn Zombies Human again.
Note :- Zombies is not a Fraction They Can Attack All of the fraction also.
Zombies Can Do
Zombies have:
Hive - generate forces/power up
Infect - infect Human population
Turn - make Humans into Zombies

Part 3
7.Give All the Fraction one President if president is die then loss -20000. And also Give The President bulletproof Car .
in white house make a meeting of a allies then exchange resorce and
give or take any of soilder. Also in this time there are attack on the
white house . per meeting give 20,000 $. for every allies.
9 Bank gives 30,000$ for 3 times for as a loan. First case only available 5 solider and bulldozer not the headquarter.
10. Make all the fraction are neutral . when you need war do war and if you need peace then make him allies.
11. make all the map as the jungle then bulldozer cut it and make road and area for constructing.
in jungle there are many type of animal who can attack to any of the fractions.
12. the sound are like call of duty modern warfare 3.
13 . make explosion and firing more Realistic like World in conflict or company of heroes .
After the destoing of the helicopter and aircraft evacute the pilot
and if captured by enemy then go to cell . make a prison cell where u
take a prisoner from the field by capture the enemy unit . and every
prisoner gives 1000$ for every 10 minutes.

note. in white house one option also can be included like the exchange
of the prisoner . like the Game Act of war but in act of war after
make prisoner don't show any where but request is After capturing the
enemy is follow us and take to the prison cell. Every Piolt Escape
give 5000$ and other soilder give 500$.
15. make the action of
soilders likely the game cold war crisis (Barrack option) but in barrack
option the second extra sniper able to kill the tank driver. and they
are more costly.

part 4

16 Make more helicopter unit Take . and take the
helicopter unit From movie Avatar or Unofficial empire earth 4 pc game
please check us.
17 .After The helicopter Shots They burn and Smoke like real .
Thanks Sir
Chandan Pandey
Please Response on my email id What u like or what can possbile by u .
Then again Thanks Because moddb is Great and its project member is
hard working and amazing love u sir or mam.
and also love u the

Jul 13 2013 Anchor

Part 2 is out of the scope of this mod. However it can be added later by fans or someone else after the mod is finished. Regarding the rest, I will reply to you by email in a period of 10 days.

Oct 15 2013 Anchor

добавить флот к россии добавить как супер оружие или кудато "ss-18 satan р-36м воевода"

а ещё чтобы можно было спасать пилотов группой спецназом идею bmn с пилотом поддерживаю

Oct 27 2013 Anchor

Mr. Super-Flanker i want to suggest something..

can we add these things in your mod ?
1.Tech Airfields that is able to capture.
2.Tech Units like experimental Aircrafts which can turn the tides of war but has high price and you can build only one at a time, these units has super weapons like:
-----Experimental Aircraft Weapons List
- multipurpose burst missiles: a missile that burst in impact.
- cruised missile foab: mini sized foab that can be launch via cruise missile.
- Tactical Laser System: yup.. lasers.
- Railgun Launchers: slug launch projectile in an aircraft.
- All Direction Multipurpose Missiles: missiles that can lock onto multiple targets at the same time.
- Long Range EMP Missile: same as EMP bomb but is launch via cruise missile.
- Drone Supports: 3 support drones: 1st drone has point defense lasers, 2nd drone: has some support weapons. 3rd Drone: Healing drone.

Advantage and Disadvantages can be discuss in the future if you agree to my suggestions like the the balance and codings of these units and their weapons. also the models. yhup.. I have these EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFTS on my storage which I used on my own mod. :D I'm an expert on superweapons, I'll be happy and proud if you add me in your modding team. :D

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