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Real DM is a deathmatch mod using only Real Life weapons...There will be several gameplay mods (including CoOp). For more information, check the site.

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Recently, modDB had the chance to speak with Flewda from the Half Life mod Real Death Match in his chatroom on (gamesnet) #realdm. The result? A rather in-depth interview about this great mod, so I guess it is time to read up!!

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1. State your real name, job, place where you are from and age!
My name is Josh Powers, right now in between jobs while I am a junior in High School. I am from Ohio, and I am 17 years old.

2. Real Death Match was thought up when? Why Real Death Match? Is the mod like another game or mod in your opinion?
Real DeathmatcH was started in about Novemeber of 2001, started originally by me and our 2D Graphic artist, Tw1st. Later we had a lot of veteran mappers join, one being CayleG, and Andrew "KungFuSquirrel" Weldon, and Manah...As well as a coder from Sven-CoOp, who is now RDM's co-leader.

Real Deathmatch is a unique mod in my opinnion. A lot of stuff in this mod will be unique, such as weapons, and other things that not many mods (or none at all) have done.

3. How long have you been working on Real Death Match?
I have been working on Real DM since the very beginning in November 2001

4. Describe the best feature in the mod in your opinion? What should the person look for that they might miss?
There are so many things I like about Real DM. Our coder, Mark is doing an amazing job with his coding...So I like a lot of the things about it...I think one thing that will be a blast is the model based vehicles that you can drive around, with mounted machineguns...But that's just one of many things that I think will be really cool features.

5. Describe how the weapons will work in Real Death Match and just which on to use the most and why?
Well all the weapons will be based on real life weapons...Using some more "Uncommon" weapons used in mods such as the: 1928 version of the Tommy Gun, a Winchester rifle, Beretta 12s, and the Colt M4A1 with a mossberg shotgun mounted on the bottom.....We want the weapons to have twists to them, and most of the weapons to have some sort of secondary fire option..

I don't know what will be the best weapon to use yet...A lot of the weapons are coded already, but not all have been finished. But so far, I'd have to say my favorite weapons to use right now are either the M79, the Remington700, or the Akimbo Mac 10's.

6. How is the damage system in Real Death Match?
It's going to be fairly realistic...I mean, you aren't going to be able to take 15 machine gun bullets like you can in regular HL Deathmatch, but it's not going to be so realistic that you get hit by any gun once and you're dead...For the most part, no gun will kill you with one shot (with the exception of a few) but if you have armor, your chances of surviving being shot is greatly increased...There will be different types of armor, helmets, kevlar, and even thinking of having some sort of nomex armor..Nomex is what firefighters use to keep from getting burned....Being equipped with Nomex will not slow bullets any, but may save you from nearby explosions, or when you're being chased by a pyromaniac with a flame thrower :)

7. What gameplays does Real Death Match Mod have?
Well obviously we have good ol style deathmatch. Then there will be a couple of side modes...There will be a "Hold the object" mode, where one person in the server will have an "Object" and then everyone else in the server will be against that person, once that person with the object is killed, someone can pick it up and become the target...Holding the object for a certain period of time will give you more points...At the end of the round, the person with the most points will win...

Another round which has yet to receive a name, so for now we'll call it "Thief" mode...In this mode it will be a very quick round...It's funny..Because people could be playing it for a while, and then one person will join the server, kill one particular person, and win the round with that one frag...I'll explain how...

Thief mode is where your frags can be stolen from you. The round will start and there will be a designated limit (Can be done by the server) for how many frags someone has to get before he wins the round...Lets say the server picks 100 frags to win...Well the round starts and you kill 5 people right off the bat...You now have 5 frags, well then a person with no frags comes up to you, kills you, he now has 6 frags...He stole your 5 frags from you, plus the frag he got for killing you. This gameplay mode will mean that NO ONE is ever out of the game...You could have 15 frags, and someone else could have 75 frags, well you kill him, you are just 10 away from winning the round...The rounds will be VERY quick! And when the round does end, it will just respawn everyone at different spots, and announce the winner of the previous round on the screen...And the person who won the previous round will now have a number next to his name...The server can use a command and say that when a person wins say 5 rounds, then change maps...Just a glimpse of that mode...

And the last mode of gameplay we have planned for Beta 1 is Last Man Standing.....Pretty self explanatory...Every man for himself...The last one alive will get his name flashed across the screen, and like Thief mode, the server can set the ammount of lives, and can set the ammount of rounds to have before map changes.

8. Explain a neat feature in the mod that someone might not know about the mod!
Well I think that a lot of the mod features are cool...I like the drivable vehicles...Those are cool, but one feature about the mod is our Coder Mark, he has made this mod to complement mappers...By this I mean he has done a lot of cool stuff for our mappers to make things easier on them, as well when the mod is released that the mappers to make 'Unofficial' maps can make things easier on them as well...The .fgd is very easy to use. He has made a very nice particle system, which the mappers can use for countless things..But one problem I have when it comes to mapping is getting those little things JUST right...So one thing Mark has done is set up an "In Game Particle editor"...What this does is it will let you tweak out all the particle stuff in the game via a GUI system. So if you want to make a realistic fire, go into the game, use the GUI system, make the fire to your likes by changing color, the gravity (basically just the weight of the object), the speed, direction etc...Once you get it to look perfect, you can save the settings, then use them in WorldCraft on your map, that way you dont have to edit, compile, edit, compile, edit, and so on...

9. What mods do you like?
I am naturally a fan of Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat. Both those mods are very fun mods to play! Minh Le (From CS) is a very cool guy, and isn't one of those "I'm too busy to talk to you" kind of guys...I respect him for that, and wish him luck on his future projects working for Valve.

[page=Final Thought + 3 Exclusives!]
Final thoughts:
I'd like to thank BlueWolf72 and the staff for this interview. I'd like to thank the Real Deathmatch team for their hard work. And all my friends for the support, especially my girlfriend Kati, who has been EXCEPTIONALLY understanding during my hours and hours of work on this mod :)

Time to bring on the exclusives!:

Feature Image Feature Image Feature Image

Sounds like a glorified CS mixed with a bit of Action HL.

Theif mode sounds really nice and unique though.
I hope the weaponry lives up to the hype. :p

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BF1942 is here :D

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INtense! Staff

Hmm I am prolly wrong in saying this, but I was certain that there was a HL mod going by the name of Real DM like 2 ~ 3 years ago? I am probably just in my dream world, time for bed i think :confused:

Oh and I gotta say congrats to the team for developing what promises to be a fine mod in a rather impressive period of time (well under 1 year so far!)

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thats where you are m8. :D

I think there was aswell, it was a cruddy version if I can remember.

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Flewda Creator

Thanks for your comments guys....I am not sure about the old one....But I am pretty sure its no in existance anymore :)

The new Real DM is in full gear now.

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