It started when i found some sites that focused on car mods for GTA 3. People could then download real vehicles models and scrips for free. So i found some favorit cars wich i downloaded and started learning have to replase them whit the original ones and that ended up be so mutch more fun that i started making a total replasement of all vehicles in the game and following titles. So here i'am, making Real Cars for Gta San Andreas so you don't have to spend all those countles houers and headakes trying to learn the game codes and bug fixing. I whant to finishing of with thanking all model makers for making all this possible.

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Nice mod but really need to update...

jj :)


You are giving a brend new level of ingame experience, almost teleporting me in that regions in that time period!!!!


Slingy says

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Would be a higher rating if it worked with a controller :P. So far that is my only issue with the mod, everything else is fantastic and you did a great job on it. As soon as I find a way to get it to work, i'll make sure to get a higher rating :) Thanks!


celice says

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Sir, though they are not made by your hands, you just collect them, but this is still a great work. I used to do this, but I found it very boring, and when I got tired, I often made some mistakes, so I gave up. I must say thank you to you, and to your great job!

This mod author has a real talent.
His work makes the gta games ,so much better.


Awesome mod, the only issue with is that my game crashes every time I bring a car to Trans-Fender and attempt to preview any bodywork modification - vents, bumpers, scoops and such. Swapping wheels doesn't crash it, but it's a shame I can't modify a low-rider or some other random car. Am I doing something wrong?

Good idea!
I had it too, long time ago...
Even started it, but due engine problems aborted it...

Anyway, nice mod, but some replacements are not correct...

This mod is the best I've ever had in my life! I can't believe how much better SA became with this mod! Only a few issues with it, but I don't care much about those when the game gets enhanced with better cars, textures and guns. This and some ultra-HD mod makes SA look better than GTA V, hands down.


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