The Ridder Clan Mod is a modification for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II & for The Lord of the Ring: The Battle for Middle-Earth II, The Rise of the Witch-King.Our main focus is to bring into the games the fantasy of the movies but at the same time merging with our own ideas. In 8 years of existence we always tried to listen to our fans because this is indeed a mod for fans made by fans.

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Oct 12 2009 Anchor

Install.txt wrote:
================================================== =================================================
The Lord of the Rings(tm), The Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II - RC MOD
Readme File
================================================== =================================================

+++++Installing the RC MOD+++++
Steps for Installation:
1-Download and Run the RCModInstaller.exe
--This Installer will install the basics for the RC Mod game.
2-When asked for a serial enter the SAME serial as the one you used when installing BFME 2
--If you do not know what that serial is then do step B1
3-After completing the RC Mod "main" install you must locate your Game2.dat as requested at the end of the install
--Game2.dat is located in your "BFME2InstallDirectory"\game2.dat (example:D:\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II)
--Copy Game2.dat and paste it into the RC Mod's game directory (default is: C:\Program FilesThe Battle for Middle-earth II - RC Mod)
4-Now download the RC Mod updater from the download section of this site...
~~This link is also found in "The Battle for Middle-earth II - RC Mod\setup" folder.
5-After downloading the Updater run it and the updater will complete the installation.
6-EXTRACT the in your installed directory for the movies!
(This should create a data folder with 2 folders (Cursors & Movies) in your install directory.)
--If you have done all of this correctly the mod should run on your pc now.

+++++Playing the RC MOD+++++
Steps for Playing:
1-Instert your The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king (ROTWK) cd into your cd drive and run the game~No need to do any more steps!
--Alternative for people who do not own ROTWK you must download the RC Mod CD!
2-Extract the files out of the LotrBfMe2RCMod.rar (3.2 +/- GB!)
3-Mount or Burn the "CD" to a cd/dvd.
---Mount it with DEAMON TOOLS or another mounting program
--DEAMON TOOLS is an easy tool to work with and should not be too hard to understand, but if you have problems you can always ask in our forums!
4-After mounting the CD you must Hide the real CD Drive - There may be some programs for this, you can also do this manually -B2 is manual hiding

B1-run regedit (Windowsxp) Start->Run->open:regedit
---Search through the registry files for My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files
---when its found then you should look in the ergc folder and there you should find the value which is your code!

B2-Go to My Computer
---Select the CD Drive
---Right click and press on Properties
---Press on the "Hardware" tab
---Select the name of your CD Drive
---Press Properties
---Change Device usage to: Do Not use this device (disable)
~~~Whenever you want to use the real cd drive again do not forget to change the Device usage back to (Enable)
---Press OK and close the other properties window by pressing OK again

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