You are Jhon Molens, one of the survivers of Ravenholm, You gotta help him escape and find other survivers to Survive and take them to a Safe Town.

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yup, you heard it, i won't continue it until i have enough storage in another computer, so if you are asking what happend to the mod, thats what happend, and i'm sorry that this would happend, but i want to make sfm and gmod at the same time, and install tf2. so i hope you understand what i'm doing, so, this mod is not continuing, until i have a better computer, with better storage, so, yeah, that's all i have to say, so, farewell until...



Tatarus_Stefan_Ro - - 19 comments

mod is cancelled

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sitkinator - - 77 comments

hey, this mod, it's cancelled.

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FelipeGames2000 - - 19 comments

Can you at least post what you have done? I will understand if you say no

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SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

I am sorry but i don't think that i understand your problem well. Do you mean that you have not enough room on your hard disk? Because that should not be a problem anymore in 2018, really. Buying more computer space these days is so cheep that even with a little bit of money you can easely buy yourself some more room. Guess therefore that i don't understand the problem well, still, a shame you have to stop.


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Blue199 - - 6,970 comments

lol ok

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