Rage Against The Machine, RATM or simply ‘Rage’, is a combined effort by select members of the Blood community to create a Blood campaign worthy of remembrance and worthy of honouring, and hopefully complementing, the Blood title and its legacy. Rage’s objective is to expand on the Blood universe, adding a little innovation where necessary, while not compromising the spirit of the original title’s unbeatable action, breathtaking atmosphere and overwhelming fun factor. So far, Episode 1 of the campaign has been released, but the rest are coming up. All the Single Player maps included in this campaign are fully optimised and compatible with Bloodbath, Co-operative and Team Mode Play. Difficulty levels are also implemented. Rage Against The Machine has the added bonus of including custom music that fully captures the essence of the original’s soundtrack. The Rage Against The Machine story is told through a series of gripping, live-action cinematics. These are played upon the opening...

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A good mod so far, the mapping is fabulous (though I didn't like "Knee deep in the undead" it was too dark and maze-like). The opening cinematic could be confusing to people who don't know the blood lore very well but it still works. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience. :)

This draws on the spirit of Blood, while its not exactly original it does feature some of the best level design. We get to go through a town thats way more impressive than the one featured in the original game episode 3, and the town we saw of vaguely in the beginning of Post Mortem. This one features a art gallery, sewer, cave, swamp & a train level where we have to jump between 2 trains. Its a shame its just one episode but it was a real pleasure to come back to Blood after the years.


Very smart level design, I especially liked the spooky sewer level and the surprisingly original train level.

I also like how difficulty and gameplay (the way you get weapons) are very progressive throughout the first levels.

The musics are moody and fit the levels well.

My only problem with this episode is that I played on skill#4 and no way there would have been enough ammo to kill the end boss (I used full ammo set on every weapon avalaible + all the ammo provided in the boss area, and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss a lot).

Great episode overall which is true to the original game.


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