Republic Assault is a full scale conversion mod for the Petroglyphy game Star Wars Forces of Corruption. Using elements from both the current canon, and existing EU to create the best possible game experience.

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Jul 21 2016 Anchor

friend, I need help to solve this

Jul 22 2016 Anchor
  1. find the mt files
  2. move the mt files
  3. re add mt files from the mod zip
  4. enjoy
Aug 2 2016 Anchor

I've done some changed to the overall mod structure, once 0.7 releases (Which is soon) I'm hoping to have fixed this issue with these changes.

Nov 14 2016 Anchor

Hello, so, I was playing as the seperatists and got the Malevolence, when I got it into battle It was way below everything else. And it wasn't able to fire its powerful ion cannon, in addition to that the description of the Malevolence was titled [MISSING]. I am sorry I put this here, I didn't have the right thread, anyway what is going on? Can you fix it?

thanks in advance!

Nov 14 2016 Anchor

Just open a new thread.

As for the issue, the Malevolence hasn't been finished as I might have a new model. I'll see if it's any good.

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