Zombies are the newest threat in Rainbow Six: Raven Shield! Survive increasing waves of zombies in single- and multi-player!

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A huge new update has been released for singleplayer and multiplayer! Tons of new features, including new zombie types, new powerups, improved gameplay, and much more! Source code is also available.

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Rainbow Six: Zombies 1.3 update

New zombie types, new powerups, improved gameplay, drone strikes, AI backup, and so much more!

Six years after the original release of the R6: Zombies mod, and five years after its last update, the frantic wave-based gameplay returns better than ever! Test your skills against the new exploding and toxic zombies, but keep a healthy distance. Try the new Nightmare difficulty mode, but beware, wave 1 starts with a health and speed boost and it only gets harder from there. Call in AI backup and drone strikes against the zombie hordes, and choose your weapons carefully - zombie health has been tweaked and bullet choice is more important than ever.

Under the hood, much of the underlying code of the mod has been rewritten, allowing for a much more satisfying and bug-free experience. Tweaks to all aspects of the mod - from the single-player map selection, to zombie death physics, to balance changes of powerups, and more - make this feel like a new experience.

Main changes/additions:

  • New zombie types - fiery exploding zombies, and cough-inducing toxic zombies
  • New zombie behavior - zombies can leap to attack, and can now maneuver ladders
  • Zombie health - damage and death is much more realistic, making weapon choice more important
  • New drone strike - new powerup calls in four predator missiles
  • Powerup appearance - all powerups have a shiny new gold appearance
  • Player health - your screen flashes red when taking damage
  • And more - more zombie variety, sound alerts with messages, and much much more

Singleplayer changes/additions:

  • New map - Shipment from Call of Duty 4 - tiny map for frantic gameplay
  • New AI backup - new powerup calls in a Rainbow operative for backup
  • New "Nightmare" mode - much more difficult gameplay
  • New and improved cheat commands - lots of great cheats to tweak the game
  • Better Athena Sword/Iron Wrath support - map names and pictures now work properly
  • Map menu tweaks - better recommended list, map descriptions added
  • Support for Presidio Night - map available if you have Supply Drop mod installed

Multiplayer changes/additions:

  • AI backup - setting the game's AI backup feature is now fully supported
  • Difficulty setting - you can configure your server to be more difficult

Balance changes/bug fixes:

  • Difficulty - wave difficulty and difficulty curve increased slightly
  • Max ammo - powerup now fills all weapons for all players
  • Powerup spawning - ammo powerup more likely, powerup drop frequency increased
  • Player speed - players no longer have wounded running speed at low health
  • Player speed - base speed increased, speed powerups less effective
  • Shotguns - buckshot made more effective vs slugs
  • Maps with barriers - now spawns powerups just like other maps
  • Zombie spawning - less likely to happen in view of players
  • Custom powerups - fixed bug preventing their use
  • Map removed - because of bugs, Nacht Der Untoten has been removed from the game
  • Flashbang instakill - fixed bug making flashbangs insta-kill zombies
  • Log file warnings - fixed bug causing warnings
  • Dead player respawning - fixed bug where dead players respawn after the game is lost
  • No sound powerups - fixed bug where powerups have no sound

Download Links:

  • Singleplayer version:

R6: Zombies single player mod - version 1.3

  • Multiplayer version:

R6: Zombies multiplayer mod - version 1.3

  • Complete source code:

R6: Zombies source code - version 1.3

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