- weapons' ammo loadout and clip size revised. - damage now based on the caliber of each weapon. - weapons stats in the menu revised (to match the new settings). - pistols with limited ammo.

212th_Sergeant_Ben says

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I really like this! It changes what needs to be changed to make it realistic but doesn´t change too much! There are still some things that should be changed but I´m not sure if it´s even possible. For example: un-equipped shield sightable on back or rifle-scopes available for rifles. And I suggest increasing the accuracy of blindfiring with pistols. It´s really unreal. Sometimes when I´m taking cover at a door and then somebody wants to enter, I use blind fire. I aim at his face and use blindfire. Distance... About 1-5 CM^^ But I STILL MISS :D Don´t know what the game developers thought when they did this^^ If you could fix that, the gameplay was perfect I think.

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