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I will Show Allied Tech Tree in my mod... This will allow you what you need to build to gain a unit or a building...

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Construction Yard --> Powerplant and Barracks

Construction Yard + Barracks --> Pillbox and Wall

Construction Yard + Power Plant --> Oil Refinery

Construction Yard + Oil Refinery --> War Factory and Navalyard

Construction Yard + War Factory --> Airforce Command HQ or American Airforce Command

Construction Yard + Radar --> Battle Lab and Patriot Missile

Construction Yard + Battle Lab --> Weather Control Device, Chronosphere, Oil Purifier, Prism Tower or Grand Cannon and Gap Generator

Construction Yard + Ore Purifier --> Oil Supply Facility

Barracks --> GI, Attack Dog, Engineer and Sidewinder

Barracks + Radar --> Rocketeer and SEAL

Barracks + Battle Lab --> Chrono Legionnaire or Sniper and Spy

Barracks + Battle Lab + Allied Stolen Tech --> Tanya

Barracks + Battle Lab + Soviet Stolen Tech --> Psi Commando

War Factory --> IFV, Battle Tank, Grizzly Tank and MCV

Warfactory + Radar --> Howitzer or Tank Destroyer and Nighthawk Transport

Warfactory + Battle Lab --> Mirage Tank and Prism Tank

Airforce Command HQ or American Airforce Command --> Harrier

Airforce Command HQ or American Airforce Command + Battle Lab --> Black Eagle

Navalyard --> Dolphin, Destroyer and Ampfibious Transport

Navalyard + Radar --> Aegis Cruiser

Navalyard + Battle Lab --> Aircraft Carrier

NOTE= This Tech Tree always uploads after new version of RA2 New Age for War is uploaded...

And also RA2 New Age for War REMASTERED 1.2 version reuploaded over and over again...

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