Stealth and Air Force

This mod created by Qusai Janada

Require C&CGZH; Version 1.2

Tested on LAN

Hi guys!

I only made some changes to the generals prince Kassad and
Granger because I think that they are the weakest ones and because I liked
their abilities.

You might think that this mod does not worth playing... but
I assure you it's what command and conquer generals zero hour needs.

I've been playing with this mod for a year now and it's
really made me an addicted to this game, not only me, but most of my friends.

This mod for everyone who like taking the GLA side, it gives
them what they was lacking.

Please if you are interested in knowing the new features,
here are they:

features in Stealth General aka "Prince Kassad":

All Structures can be Cameo-Netted

All Infantry can be


Special Powers***

1 Star General:

1) Informant:

Stealthed, can move, has a large scouting area and won't be
selected by "all units" command

3 Star General:

1) GPS Scrambler:

Countdown Timer 1:00 minute

2) Ambush:

Create Rebels, RPG Troopers and Assassins

Rank 1 Create (2,2,1) Respectively

Rank 2 Create (4,4,2) Respectively

Rank 3 Create (8,8,3) Respectively

3) Cash Bounty:

Rank 1: 15%

Rank 2: 25%

Rank 3: 50%

4) Anthrax Bomber:

Call in a bomber to carpet bomb an area with anthrax bombs

5 Star General:

1) Bio Bomb:

A bomb deployed from a bomber that destroys everything in
its radius, more like a green nuclear bomb


1) Airstrip:

Has four hangers and provides radar

2) Howitzer Cannon:

Fires an artillery barrage anywhere on the map, strong
against enemy concentrations

Countdown Timer 2:30 minutes


Created from the Barracks:

1) Assassin:

Stealthed while not moving or shooting, has a greater attack
range than the Jarmen Kell

Created from the Arms Dealer:

1) Scorpion:

Stronger than the regular Scorpion (Same as the Marauder

2) Heavy Marauder:

The GLA's Overlord, can be upgraded with scavenged parts
from enemy kills

3) BM21 Grad:

Fires a rocket barrage, can be set to fire the whole barrage
or one by one

Created from the Airstrip:

1) Interceptor:

It's a jet fighter, can engage ground or air targets and
clear garrisoned buildings

Specialized in base defenses

2) Gazelle:

It's a helicopter, can load it up with one infantry and
allow him to fire from inside


In the Barracks:

1) High Explosive Rockets:

RPG Troopers can now clear garrisoned buildings

2) Booby Trap:

Rebels place booby traps

RPG Troopers will explode it if they get crushed by vehicle

In the Stinger Site:

1) Fortified Stinger Sites:

All Stinger Sites +100% Armor

In the Airstrip:

1) Interceptor Armor:

All Interceptors +25% Armor

In the Palace:

1) Camouflage:

All infantry except the Angry Mobs will be hidden

2) First Aid Kit:

Rebels and RPG Troopers will heal themselves

In the Black Market:

1) Toxic Stingers:

Load the Stinger missiles with toxins

Can be used against ground units only

2) Quad Cannon Sniping

3) Extra Salvage:

Heavy Marauders will have an extra salvage upgrade

4) BM21 Master Weapon:

Upgrade the BM21's weapon to its limits

5) Jarmen Kell Rifle:

Increases the attack range and the vehicle attack reload time

And a lot more to discover.
A little piece of advice, don't be scared using stinger sites, they are now real base defenses haha.

features in Air Force General aka "General Granger"

Laser Point Defenses

Gatherers collect
more money

Cost reduction to


Cold Fusion Reactors supply more power


***New Buildings***

1) Advanced Patriot Missile System:

Uses EMP missiles for ground or air targets

2)ICBM Launcher

***New Units***

Created from the Barracks:

1) Heroic Pilots:

Pilots that created as heroes

***New Upgrades***

In the Airfield:

1) Aurora Fuel Air Bombs:

Upgrade the Aurora's bomb to give an extra damage

And a lot more to discover.
Don't worry about fighting against these two generals, the pc won't use the new abilities against you

Try this link below to download:

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C&CGZH; Slth&AirF;

C&CGZH; Slth&AirF;

Full Version

Stealth and Air Force mod (original files) V 1.2 Tested on Lan

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I have Generals Zero Hour V 1.4 latest and I just added your files to the directory but I played the game and chose GLA Stealth but they are still the same? I can't see anything new.
Is that because I am using V 1.4? But in the Army details when the Skirmish is loading it shows your upgrades written on screen.

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Qusai_Janada Creator

The game loads the new features from the new INIZH.ini, but in your case it looks that your game doesn't load from it... and it loads from another file or the original file...
Make sure to have one INIZH.ini file and it's for this mod...
If nothing changes... try to uninstall the game and then reinstall it with Version 1.2...
And sorry to reply too late BTW...
Thanks for trying my mod... Peace

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how to install it?? it looks great

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i mean what i need to do with INIZH.big

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I cant use this mod it wont show up even on Lan mode! Please help!

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Qusai_Janada Creator

try to uninstall the game then re install it, then make sure to get crack version 1.2, then copy the mod files right to the game directory

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can u add a raptor airstrike

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Spectacular video.

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