In 2011 I started browsing the latest graphical/sound quake mods, putting together a pretty build using LordHavoc's darkplaces, rygel's ultra textures packs, the reforged packs and a variety of mods, to play quake original. Anyone can do the same, however the hassle comes when you have to browse the quakeone forums, stumbling to find the posts which detail what cvars and what configs/files you have to overwrite etc in order to get each mod to work. I literally spent as much time getting the mods working as playing the game. So I put together a nice-looking build of quake original and it's expansions called epsilon for everybody to get into, without getting into the hassle of config files and searching to find every available mod then getting them to work! The main quake build also includes the original shareware first quarter of the quake game - it is easily upgraded to the full game by dropping in the pak0.pak and pak1.pak files from the full game's id1 directory (more details below).

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Mad_Max_RW says

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Way too bloated and untested with so much random stuff from all over the internet. Better off exploring


slipkid69 says

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Ace has me Quaking in my boots all over again.


Sir_Henry says

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You should ask for support at to fix all your glitches before updating a compilation with the same old files and issues again.


CaptainJacky says

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Tries to update Quake with HD content but compilation does not fit together many times. There are other compilations for this game at moddb doing a better job.


foxybrown says

I unno, but that is a weird compilation of all the mods taken from The graphic settings are out of range and what are those funny bat files for ?
If you wanna make your Quake compilation the way you want it, you should visit this page and download most recent Quake HD files and mods:


mfx says

My last review has been deleted without giving any reasons or contacting me. Maybe the score wasnt high enough. That is also a way to push rankings. LOL


This compilation causes many problems. Maybe because it uses quite old engine and mod builds with bugs. I recommend any other Quake compilations over this buggy one.


keksek says

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This build lets us feel the old-school Quake in truly new vision. HQ-textures, hipoly-models, cool particles & other stuff on maybe the best engine based on QuakeWorld engine (except these Sources, etc., etc.) -- DarkPlaces. The build is being enhanced from time to time to give us better quality and performance. For those who also wants to play Mission Packs in HQ there're addons with the stuff for MPs, every one keeps original atmosphere and works good on my laptop (HP Pavilion g6-2126sr, FYI).

Why 8/10? Well, the build's config BAT-file always (I didn't check the Low quality so I'll say ALWAYS) sets the lightning in the game to Ultra quality which lowers my FPS too much in some cases. Also there could be some config software aka file manager where the player could choose manually what HQ stuff he wants to see ingame.


Nikulas says

I did not think it was good until i played quake with it. the only problem is in the start map to many particles my pc can't handle it but every where else it's fine thats on max settings btw.


xbryan2000x says

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Best Realistic Quake MOD Ever its like if Quake was remade in 2012 or 2013 Your the Best!