A total-conversion fan-sequel for Battlezone II: Combat Commander with high definition graphics, new physics and tonnes of new and unprecedented features.

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John_Radec says

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Graphics: 10/10. The massive update on the engine system made the mod and Battlezone II makes it all look like they were both developed just last year. They were tremendously updated and created and I must say, I'm very impressed. It makes the QF mod a complete graphical master-piece.

Voice Acting: 9/10. Funny, long and quite informative, the voice acting was very good. Did drag on sometimes but I believe it was worth it. Really nice.

Gameplay: 9.5/10. Holy s**t, out of all other modifications like Fleshstorm and Forgotten Enemies etc etc, this takes it up to a whole new level... and I mean, REALLY, a whole new level. I loved the new physics implemented which adds quite realistic battles and the new system that ALL players have too adapt to so you can survive. New tactics, factions, units and weapons, etc... seriously, amazing. The only thing that slightly got to me was the radar, it's a bit... big but that's okay.

Story: 10/10. From the beginning of stealth operations to resistance fighting with a wide planetary invasion, betrayal, side-switching and large plot-twists, you'll never get enough of the storyline. It was shocking to see the It's also quite good at bringing back some memories from the first Battlezone, must say.

Factions: 9/10. Pure amazing to have some old remarks come back to life, and new factions coming in to take their place in the sun. Very nice with the introductions of new factions... and it's great to see that the Sweet!

Weaponry and Vehicles: 9/10. A large amount of new toys to play with, makes the game even more sweet!

I'd make a much bigger review but due to MODDB's 2000 character limit, they make that a bit difficult.



juggernaut70 says

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well, I pickup Casey without being detected (1st mission) .. yet mission doesn't update objective (still says I need to sneak around and pickup Casey). I eventually get detected if sitting or wandering around. Perhaps it is not working with the latest patch


Souls-Stream says

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Just compare old bz2 and this mod, so much work put into it! Definitely deserve a 10!


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