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WEBSITE: q3area.blogspot.com
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ‎‎www.youtube.com/q3plus

* For more info and cfg settings check client variables and commands and server documentation
* Don't forget to click the READ MORE button below to see the detailed q3plus change log.

NOTE: svpatch.pk3, q3plusHQ.pk3 and Q3Plusx64.exe files will be periodically updated.


Q3PLUS CHANGESLOG Version 3e (25 October 2021)


+ All xp_ client and server variables are changed to cg_ (client) and sv_ (server). For more info check html documentation in q3plus/docs folder.
+ Client cvars cg_screenshotDefault and startrecordDefault changed to cg_screenshotFormat and cg_startrecordFormat
+ Removed <cg_drawConsole> cvar (no more bugs and hidden text messages when you move to another server or mod)
+ 9 unnecessary cvars removed: cg_drawConsole, drawNames, noMip, noParticles, noShotgunTrail, noSnow, oldGrenade, oldHitSound and oldScoreboard
+ q3plus servers now have priority (always on top) in game server browser
+ sv_motd and /motd (message of the day) changed to sv_maps and /maps. (neat <maplist> popup window on screen when player type /maps in console)
+ Added q3plus info in mod UI (version number and date, cfg info, q3plus site, credits etc.)
+ Changed gamename from <excessiveplus> to <q3plus>. q3plus servers will no longer be part of Excessive Plus and XP server spider.


+ Enhanced <fonts> (xp, xp_l, ui, baseq3 and numbers) + bigchars (font) in <gfx/2d> folder. Patched warning in console -> missing baseq3_32 font...
+ Standard Q3 crosshairs from 1 to 10 enahnced, crosshairs from 11 to 20 replaced with newer crosshairs from Quake Live.
+ Blood flash on-screen in game is now turned off by default <sx_noScreenDamage 0|1>
+ Gfx content enhanced (blood stain/spurt, shadow, hud elements, marks on walls <all weapons> etc.)
+ Replaced old XP HUDs (head-up display) with new huds in QL and Q3 custom style (hud01 to 10). Added bigger center timer and weaplist on another side
+ Added enhanced HD icons (all simple items) from Quake Live, all medals (awards) and alternative CPMA icons <sx_cpmaIcons 0|1>
+ HQ Menu add-on by ZerTerO is now official and optinal q3+ add-on. Enhanced whole menu/art content, background, 2 menu logos <sx_menuLogo 0|1> etc.
+ Added new (better visible) alpha <bright> skins (enemy models) from Quake Live instead old Excessive Plus skins
+ Keel and TankJr sport skins from Quake Live are now available as alternative to bright enemy models <sx_sportSkins 0|1>
+ Perfect shape of all powerups <md3 files> (ammo, armors, health and instant) with HD (enhanced) skins. md3 files now use only 1 frame instead 30 in prev version
+ HD weapon skins (all weapons), few md3 files with small corrections and "new" HQ explosions, projectiles, grenades, smoke, LG beam, rail trail etc.
+ Removed team color <red/blue> smoke <rocket/grenade> (projectile trail) in teamplay. Smoke is now in standard grey color.
+ Added choice between 3 railgun skins (default, skin with glow effect and old known black skin) <sx_rgStyle <0|1|2>
+ Two alternative lightning beam styles 0 = q3 default, 1 = QW inspired and 2 = thin LG beam <sx_lightningStyle 0|1|2>
+ Solved LG beam texture conflict (missing texture) between OSP client from baseq3 folder and q3plus mod
+ Weapon flashes, except GT and LG flash are now disabled by default <sx_noWeaponFlash 0|1|2>
+ Optinal sparks effect instead blood explosions when you hit enemy <sx_impactSparks 0|1>
+ Full noPicMip support for all models, weaphits and mapobjects (support 1.32c, q3e and ioq3). Cvar <cg_noMip> removed.
+ New 1.32e shader feature <novlcollapse> added for all items and player models (all items and player models on map stay bright when you set r_vertexlight 1)
+ Shaders now follow image.extension (harder to replace q3plus content with other visual mods from baseq3 folder)
+ <sprites> content changed and additionally enhanced (chat balloon, teammate and wh icon) <sx_teammateIcon -1|0|1|2>
+ Added basic cllient cfg with some necessary settings (network, noBobbing, green enemy...) Usage: /exec q3plus
+ Scripts from HQQ add-on for simple changing resolutions. Example: /exec res1920x1080

widescreen: 256:135 - 4096x2160
widescreen: 43:18 - 3440x1440
widescreen: 21:9 - 2560x1080 and 3840x1600
widescreen: 16:9 - 1280x720, 1360x768, 1366x768, 1536x864, 1600x900, 1920x1080, 2048x1152, 2560x1440 and 3840x2160
widescreen: 8:5 - 1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600
widescreen: 5:3 - 1280x768
widescreen: 4:3 - 1600x1200
widescreen: 3:2 - 1440x960


+ New external cvars for 1.32e users (type /seta in console first time and confirm with /vid_restart or add cvars in your cfg manually through some text editor)

sx_cpmaIcons <0|1> - choice between default and CPMA icons (simple items)
sx_impactSparks <0|1> - causes the enemy to spark when you hit them
sx_lightningStyle <0|1|2|3> - controls the lightning stream effect (0 = default Q3, 1 = QW inspired, 2 = thin LG beam, 3 = wide LG beam) *New
sx_noLightningImpact <0|1> - lightning impact effect on surfaces by lightning gun. on|off *New
sx_noScreenDamage <0|1> - on-screen damage (blood flash) on|off
sx_noWeaponFlash <0|1|2> - shows a muzzle flash when firing a weapon (0 = enabled, 1 = disabled, 2 = default q3plus value)
sx_rgStyle <0|1|2> - two "new" alternative railgun skins (0 = default, 1 = skin with glow effects, 2 = old known black skin)
sx_sportSkins <0|1> - keel and tankjr sport skins as <bright> enemy model alternative
sx_teammateIcon <-1|0|1|2> - triangle above the teammates head (-1 = no triangle, 0 = default Q3, 1 = modified, 2 = default Q3+ style)

sx_menuLogo <0|1> - choice between standard Q3 and customized logo in main menu. This cvar is part of optional zzz-q3plusHQ pack.


+ Added Quake Live announcer voice (vadrigar) with better sound quality (feedback and teamplay)
+ Quake 3 announcer voice is still available but like optional replacement pack (q3plus/extras)
+ Radio and voice chat sounds are moved to optinal pack in folder (q3plus/extras)
+ Added missing Bitterman <drown> and Crash <taunt> sounds
+ Reduced noise on some sounds (quad, machinegun, plasma, noammo and buzzer)


+ Changed default mod configuration. (more info bellow)
+ Removed Excessive Plus configs <conf/excessive1 to 5>
+ Added instagib (one hit, one kill) <rail only> configuration.

+ Default Q3Plus cfg <description>

Weapons | changes (customizable). Main info, mostly Quake Live settings

Gauntlet (GT) | damage = 50
MachineGun (MG) | damage = 5, spread = 1 (low), ammo limit = 150
Shotgun (SG) | max damage = 96 (16 x 6), spread = 850, fixed pattern = 2, ammo limit = 25
Grenade Launcher (GL) | max damage = 100, max self damage = 50, splash damage = 100, ammo limit = 25
Rocket Launcher (RL) | max damage = 100, max self damage = 42, speed = 1000, splash damage = 85, ammo limit = 50
Lightning Gun (LG) | damage = 6, knockback = 10.5, ammo limit = 150
RailGun (RG) | damage = 80, ammo limit = 25
Plasma Gun (PG) | damage = 20, self damage = 7, splash damage = 14, self knockback = 24, ammo limit = 150
BFG 10k | max damage = 100, max self damage = 50, splash damage = 100, cycle (reload) = 333, ammo limit = 50

Gametypes | changes (customizable)

FFA [free for all] - weapon respawn time 3 seconds, no falling damage
1v1 [duel] - time limit 8 minutes
TDM [team deathmatch] - weapon respawn time 20 seconds, drop weapon enabled
CTF [capture the flag] - drop flag enabled, quake live scoring system
CA [clan arena] - quake live ammo limits
FT [freeze tag] - spawn protection 3 seconds, thaw score 2, thaw time 2 sec, start weapons (gt, mg and sg), reset all after each round
* other gametypes without change

Miscellaneous (recomended)

- advanced spawn system
- unlagged
- cylindric hit box
- modified vq3 (ql-alike) physics
- drop weapon and flag features enabled (/drop weapon and /drop flag)


+ <botfiles> and bots: <argus>, <gauntlet> and <lakerbot>
+ Atmosphere efects (raindrop and snowflakes) and cvars in qvm files
+ Excessive Plus logo from console and screen
+ 37 unnecessary levelshots for standard Quake 3 maps
+ <maps> folder with map <test_smallbox>
+ CPMA grenade, XP flags, flagbase, eye.md3 and gibs from folder <models>
+ <sfx> folder with many unknown textures
+ Particles from folder <sprites> and cvar in qvm files
+ Unnecessary map textures (ctf2, liquids, proto2, sfx and skies)


+ Q3Plus.exe loads q3plus mod at startup by default instead of baseq3. Prevents client .cfg conflict between baseq3 and q3plus mod.
+ All /sx_ client variables are added to the archive and will be stored in q3config.cfg, you dont need to use /seta to import this cvars anymore.
+ Console color is now transparent black with white line by default. If you want to change color use cvar /cl_conColor and set your RGB value.
+ Console speed changed to /scr_conSpeed 5 by default.
+ New cvar /con_height [0.1...1.0] - Sets the percentile of the screen the console window takes up when on display. (default is 0.5, half the screen)
+ New cvar /con_scale [1.0...3.0] - Console lettertype size. Very useful on high resolutions!
+ CTRL+ENTER in console sends message with command /team_say (team messagemode)
+ SHIFT+ENTER in console sends message with command /tell. Requires <PlayerID> before “message”
+ Built-in URL-filter (.cmd files added in q3plus mod) - check client variables and commands HTML document for details.


+ zz-svpatch_04.pk3 is a patch with missing shaders, textures and sound files which covers over 150 custom maps. *Updated
+ zzz-q3plusHQ is optinal add-on with many files from pak9hqq.pk3 add-on by ZerTer0
+ extras/zzz-Q3announcer.pk3 is replacement pack in case if you dont like default q3plus announcer voice.
+ extras/zzz-voiceChat.pk3 is optinal pack with voice and radio chat sounds. cvars -> cg_noRadioChat <0|1> and cg_noVoiceChat <0|1>
+ tools/cgQname.jar is old xpQname tool for creating "fancy" nicknames. Tool is edited and now follow q3plus cvar <cg_name> instead xp_ (java required).
+ Q3Plusx64.exe is 1.32e release which run Quake 3 Arena with loaded q3plus mod. *Updated

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As you can read in the description q3plus is not only a visual mod. It's a client, server and visual modification, practically all in one!
We currently have a few servers which run q3plus mod in Europe where we play organized weekend events and pickup games.
If you want to partake in a quake live alternative with improved gameplay and visual environment feel free to join us on our discord server and online gaming.

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Q3Plus Modification - version 3e

Q3Plus Modification - version 3e

Full Version 5 comments

Q3Plus is a .pk3 mod for Quake 3 Arena based on Excessive Plus 2.2b modification, Quake Live weapons settings, modified VQ3 (QL-alike) physics and many...

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Finally I can play the OG in 21:9 without stretch thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

is this basically cpma? cpma is locked down, so is this an open solution to that problem? i'm looking for an engine that will let me run my quake champions mod, and this seems like a good choice. it runs my qc hud, and all my mods in the pk3, however it doesn't seem to look as visually good as spearmint, although i haven't dug through the cfg yet.
also, the rail only has one component, wheras in the menu in spearmint there's the usual inner core and outer trail. is that just a feature that's disabled, or was it left out of the engine for some reason?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Shtayga Creator

In description you can see, this is based on Excessive Plus mod and is not open source, rail core problem on this mod cant be solved without open source code :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Mode is awesome. Encourage everyone to choose to play on it, honestly!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could there be a patch to disable the HD textures/effects?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Shtayga Creator

Of course, you can do that with graphic settings.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I'm glad the quake 3 modders are still in business. By the way, I have a very large and large scale mod for quake 3 - NextArena.
You just need to install 3.1.2 patch

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Will try to join you guys soon, I see there are quite a few people on your discord. Nice!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

There a quite a few of us - that's right! Feel free to join an have a good time.

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Actually very impressive and good communication with the creator who actually plays it himself. Bravo.

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