go to multiplayer then will appear on the first of the list!

direct connect : quake.bloodculture.com.br

FastGuide wrote:

1. Install Q2E Blood Culture
2. Install Q2E Blood Culture Patch 2013
3. Install OpenAL drivers
4. Configure your BC Config
5. Have fun!

This is a Quake II updated version that was created exclusively to Q2A Blood Culture community. A clan of friends which I'm the leader and creator, where we play just for fun together since 2000 with Quake II in LANs and in 2005 went to online life with Quake II Evolved. Quake II Evolved Blood Culture was created from the original source of Quake II Evolved created by Team Blur.

This project started in 2005 as just add-ons named as MegaPak, just adding high quality textures and skins, all with the Logo's Clan and the primary results were great. But we are playing online for the first time, and avoid cheating online was really impossible with Quake II Engine.

First you cannot know if a client was using a Q2 or Q2E, and second we can't know if someone was with smoke off and is seeing everything that the others can't, and other vars that make your way more easier. So was made the first AntiCheat that I tryed to resolved via script, that opened these vars to be query by the server, and also beeing setted all the time, so if a player are not using the AntiCheat we can't see anything, so he were kicked, and if he is using the vars are all the time setted, and will let us know if he wasn't using the AntiCheat. But all that was manually.

After more than a year of work, testings and 7 MegaPaks released, with pre-configured BOTs, more than 1700 maps, many bug fixes, new textures and skins to every model, weapon and object, new HUD and Inventory, AntiCheat always beeing updated and getting better, and the great BC Config feature, where all the configs become centralized to any type of game or MOD.

Well, I already had done everything I could to make our games better and fair, but still have things that I can't do it by scripting, and doing that AntiCheat check manually all the days was really getting me mad. With Q2E 0.40 abandoned by his creators I decided to study his engine and move on aside I'm not programming in C for almost 10 years, and that was my main problem, comeback to C programming.

So I asked for info in few forums, specially at Quake II Evolved about which softwares I'll need, the source, basic structure, etc... then I finally get the Q2E compiled and working, so it's time to start my real work.

I had few things in my mind that I really need to make:

Goals wrote: 1. Automatic AntiCheat via Code (no more scripting)
2. Dedicated Q2E Server
3. Only accept Q2E Blood Culture clients
4. Fix the Siamese Twins Bug
5. Fix all the other small Bugs
6. Extras (Sounds, Music...)
7. Optimized and Standalone (not more a Q2 update)

With that in mind I start the work, and wasn't that difficult in any of the items on that list, except about the Siamese Twins Bug, which I don't really even know the cause of this bug, and was my biggest quest in this project.

All the the items above were made with perfection among many things like:

. Load time of maps 70% faster than original
. Lower pings and less lags
. Most know MODs ported (RA2, KOTH, Eraser BOT, CTF, TDM, TP...)
. Over 1700 maps to your pleasure (Ground Zero & The Reckoning inclued!)
. Widescreen Resolutions (FULL HD Inclued)
. Allocated Memory improved to be able to use BOTs as NEVER done before

more info at : www.mods.hajas.org

Feel free to visit our server witch is online since 2005 (under different IPs)


Get the latest OpenAL Drivers if your game start without sound or is aborting.

Hajas M0Ds | www.mods.hajas.org

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This year we celebrated our 10th Anniversary playing our beloved Quake 2 Evolved Blood Culture. Here some videos of that night.

Q2E Blood Culture - Re-Released in FULL HD

Q2E Blood Culture - Re-Released in FULL HD


Quake 2 as you never imagine! In FULL HD and lots of improvements!

Full Download of Q2E Blood Culture

Full Download of Q2E Blood Culture


Yeah! Now is available to the public the Quake II Evolved version created to the Blood Culture clan. Enjoy! :P

Hajas MODs Corporation

Hajas MODs Corporation


Did you play any Hajas MOD? or are you an admin of a server with one of Hajas MODs? if yes please join us and let's play together! :P

Frontlines Interview at BASH gaming site!

Frontlines Interview at BASH gaming site!


I talked with Jock Yitch about Frontlines this week. The Interview is available in 2 parts, in text and in audio at BASH webcast.

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Q2E Blood Culture Patch 2013

Q2E Blood Culture Patch 2013


Update your 2.0 version to 2.3 (all past patches inclued!) . Rebreather bug fixed . Connection Message var size increased avoiding lags . TDM with BOTs...

Quake 2 Evolved Blood Culture

Quake 2 Evolved Blood Culture

Full Version 13 comments

Q2E Blood Culture in a single file install password = www.bloodculture.com.br WARNING: This is NOT compatible with original Quake 2! Do NOT install over...

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digite a senha para a instalação ;-;

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Hajas Creator

a senha está na descrição do download, é o nosso site www.bloodculture.com.br :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

obrigado :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi so I use the ultimate quake 2 patch on steam to help with the music and all but a few things annoy me about the patch. Mainly the intermission screens are silent or crackle like mad. 2 The crosshairs are out of alignment (did quake 2 originally have crosshairs) and 3 the multiplayer with bots have some random items like double damage regeneration hold items till you die (with the models broken) and I really want to replace an old walkthrough I did of quake on youtube.

Would this fix all issues and include the original music?

Is this also a replacement for the original Quake 2 evolved?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hajas Creator

This is not really a Quake 2 mod, it's mostly a Quake 2 remake. You can download and use it as standalone. Do NOT install over your Q2 or will destroy it!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hello I have a doubt this version is only for use of multiplayer or also can be used in campaign mode ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hajas Creator

Singleplayer, COOP or Multiplayer (Severam Mods inclued!) Enjoy! :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hmm, acho que vou baixar qnd tiver tempo e jogar no server de vcs :D Só uma coisa: O link na descrição para o OpenAL drivers está morto :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hajas Creator

Pega no nosso fórum! ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

thanks for this..... very cool!

if someone can help me getting one of those files, I would be so happy:
(they're not online anymore)

I need them for evolved 0.40 which is able to play deathmatch online on all public servers. My HUD is now original so way too small with high resolution.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Hajas Creator

send me an email, I might have them somewhere.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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