Note: requires zdoom not gzdoom Ever wondered what Punchout would be like if it was in 3D? Well now you can find out just how different it is than you might think. Dodge heavy blows, duck swinging punches, perform heavy combos on your opponents, and even train with doc! This wad contains all of the opponents from Mike Tysons Punchout and Punchout with Mr. Dream, as well as extra characters, such as Gabby Jay, Masked Muscle, Rick Bruiser, and Aran Ryan. Then, when you've defeated all your main opponents, fight the ones again who dare challenge your title. You have two attack types, pressing one will make you punch up, while pressing two will make you punch lower, the default. Tired of just being in the ring? Fight against your enemys on the streets in the secret level. and At the end of it all, you'll have to take down the most powerful boxer Mike Tyson. Note: You must run this in zdoom to work, because gzdoom messes up the weapons. This is a fangame and is not from Nintendo or offical

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This is an epic mod for a classic game. Circling around boxers and moving in and out to punch is a great upgrade compared to simply slipping left or right and blocking.

I especially like the teleporting that Tiger does and the matches between two AI boxers that serve as brief intermissions.

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