Pulse is a MOD for Half-Life 1. Pulse takes place in Black Mesa after the incident. You are famous scientist Gordon Freeman. In the beginning of Pulse, you are in Surface Lab A Security Complex, a lab and security station on the absolute surface of the Black Mesa Research Facility. You are working with your scientist pals when one scientist working with a hazardous radiation meter detects high radiation amounts coming from all over. They radio into the Administrator's office, the office of Dr. Wallace Breen. Instead of Breen answering, they pick up a remote conversation between Breen and an unknown voice. "It's done," Breen said. "The xenian crystal triggered a dementional rift between Earth and the boarderworld Xen. Now let's get to the surface!" "I'm sure my employers will be pleased," says the unknown voice, and then silence fills the room followed by an explosion. The other scientists are amazed that the Administrator of Black Mesa...

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There's nothing special about this mod. The level design is occasionally interesting, though mostly it's just long empty corridors and kill boxes. The designer was clearly a beginner, with many easy to fix graphical errors (opaque windows, seeing water faces while underwater, etc.), bugs and bland design. The puzzles are boring, ridiculous and contrived, and navigation is awkward.

Oh, and there's a large open area filled with what is easily at least 4 dozen assassins all facing you. The area is damn near impossible to pass, even on easy.

The mod tried to push some bland story on you, but the small amount of writing there is is very poor. You won't be missing anything by passing up this mod.


Level with leak - Grunt meat - Simple puzzle - Alien meat - Next level with leak - Alien meat - Simple puzzle - Assasin meat - Next level with leak ... and so all remained 20 levels (moreover, some of levels look like modified clones of each other). The only positive thing is that mapping and scripting are not bad in overall. But the gameplay is boring and annoying (especially if you chose difficult mode). Also if you tried to open a door with eyescanner (which is intended to be opened by NPC), scripted NPC will not be able to open that door for you. So be ready to load your game from autosave and replay that level from beginning.

Design is so-so (childish, I would say), many windows NOT transparent (just opaque rectangles). At point where OVER 9000 of assasins appeared, I left the game forever...


This still needs fixes. Like at the beginning, i encountered a glitch where the scientist that talks to you blocks the doorway. I=If you try to push him out of the way, nothing happens! Good mod though. Just glitches out in places.

Best. Mod. Ever.


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