Psysonic Omega is based on a fictional background and story after RA3: Uprising. We will present three new factions that are developed from original factions in RA3. They are la Commune, Commonwealth Of Sovereignty and a nameless faction using advanced Imperial Arsenal from Shiro Sanitarium. This mod is not just for better graphics performance or more enjoyable gameplay experience, but for a further story after RA3's present plot. In this mod, plenty of new units and structures that basically expand the Style of original RA3 are added. New story and interersing ideas will be implemented.

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This is a stable version. A lot of bugs are fixed and new units/support abilities are presented.

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Fortunately it seems that I have found one of the reason that might cause the crash and it is fixed in the latest version. But there are still possibilities to crash and you still have to put an eye on your game.

1. Fix some unofficial maps with quention mark.
2. 12 new maps from RAT Community are added.
3. Fix an AI bug that could cause a crash.
La Commune:
1. Wormhole is available after finishing building Chronosphere.
2. Cool-down of Mirage Tank Force Shield is reduced from 80s to 30s.
3. Fix the model of Mirage Tank.
4. Fix the Refinery's rally point such that the Harvester is not that easily trapped by the structure model.
5. Acceptable Aim Delta of Ghost Disk Launcher is increased to 30d and Turret Turn Rate is increased by 25%.
6. Acceptable Aim Delta of Hydra is increased to 10d.
7. Orca's Grenade can no longer clear garrison.
8. ROF of IFV Sonic Grenade after loading Enforcer is increased from 0.35s per shot to 0.2s per shot.
9. Arch Angel will automatically reload the Attack Drone.
10. Damage of Kodiak's Anti-Aircraft Auto Cannon is reduced from 30 to 22.5, whilst the damage radius is increased from 5 to 20.
11. Reload time of Chrono Reinforcement is increased from 120s to 180s whilst the Cost is reduced from 5000 to 2500.
12. Fix the description of Orca.
13. Arch Angel will improve 15% vision and attack range within its Repair Zone.
14. Fix the bug that Pacifier has no Bombard Mark.
14. Building Kodiak requires Max Clearance.
15. Fix the bug that AI does not like to deploy Pacifier.

Imperial Forces:
1. Building Cost of Archer Madien is reduced from 500 to 400. Build Time is reduced to 4s.
2. Tengu will cause 50% more damage to Commune Fighter and Tengu itself.
3. Tengu will take less damage from Kodiak's Anti-Aircraft Auto Cannon.
4. King Oni has new Icon and Textures.

Commonwealth Of Sovereignty:
1. Building Cost of Battle Lab is reduced from 4000 to 3000.
2. Magnetic Satellite can suck up Legionnaire, Ranger and Enforcer.
3. Magnetic Singularity will catch and attract Tesla Trooper, Legionnaire, Ranger and Enforcer rather than kill them.
4. Mig's missile has wider Acceptable Aim Delta to launch all missiles at once, whilst the Firing Duration is increased from 0.1s to 0.3s~0.4s.
5. Terror Drone can hold Ranger and Enforcer.
6. Paratrooper is available after building Battle Lab.
7. Damage Type of Howitizer's MIRV warhead is changed to ROCKET, and the damage is increased from 75 to 80.

We also have a discord server for this mod:

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