Psysonic Omega is based on a fictional background and story after RA3: Uprising. We will present three new factions that are developed from original factions in RA3. They are la Commune, Commonwealth Of Sovereignty and a nameless faction using advanced Imperial Arsenal from Shiro Sanitarium. This mod is not just for better graphics performance or more enjoyable gameplay experience, but for a further story after RA3's present plot. In this mod, plenty of new units and structures that basically expand the Style of original RA3 are added. New story and interersing ideas will be implemented.

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Consisting of a basic introduction and credits of this mod.

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Now let's see what we modify in Psysonic Omega.
Factions Introduction:
Alliance of Commune(Alliance de Commune)syndicalism:
La Commune is originally from Northwestern European Allies Countries after the Revolution. With less population than the Commonwealth of Sovereignty, they highly rely on high-tech weapon and devastating airforces. Railgun, proton cannon and microwave weapon system are widely used in Commune Arsenal. Their units are expensive and able to preveil over the enemies by exceptional quality.
Commonwealth of Sovereignty(COS)cos:
After Soviet Russia abandoning its old communism ideology, a new statism union's rebirth is foreseen. COS utilizes massive old-style weapons such as Howtizer, MLRS and cheap but reliable Tenho Tanks. On the other hand, their airforce plays a supportive role in the battlefield, and are lacked of continous firepower against solid targets.
Imperial Forces(Based on Shiro Sanitarium)sakura:
Although all the warlords in Japan Homeland have been eliminated, some forces that exile oversea after the World War are still loyal to an unknown person from Shiro Sanitarium. These troops develop mysterious mind-control weapon and they will build Psychic Tower and deploy powerful Beta Yuriko who can dominant human's mind to solid their frontline.


1.A lot of funny ideas are implemented in Psysonic Omega, such as mind-control ability like Yuri, point defense laser and automatically-released countermeasures for aircraft's intercepting incoming missiles and instant transport as unit ability. We will try to expand the probabilities of RA3 and achieve more interesting functions in the future.

2.Some official and unofficial maps are added and this will surely make the game more fun. Thanks to all the contributors that make it possible.

3.Some serious bugs like putting other units and wall piece in one team will lead to game crash are fixed. If you want to fix more bugs, please contact me.

4.Almost all units' attack range is improved.(bear, ninja's sword and other melee weapons are excluded) This modification is just for a little more interesing and realistic.

5.Higher camera height so that more objects will be contained in player's vision at the same time.It may lead to your inconvenient and you may need to be fit for it.

6.More oremine income per minute: the Ore Node's delivery amount is raised to 300 from 250, which gives smoother gameplay experience. At the same time, the Harvesters' building time and cost are decreased because we hope that player should take care more of the battlefield rather than his supply system.


A numerous of people help me on this mod. I sincerely credit all who have helped me, they are:

Time Defender, Ribot, Axper, Kromarti, Gunship Mark II for their C&C3 Generals Evolution Mod models.

RA3Modder Yary




Yi Feng


Lan Yi






Soviet Sergent

RAT Community

If you should be on the list but your aren't, just let me know and I will do the rest. And if you think this mod offense your rights, please contact me and I will delete relating content as soon as pssiible.


This mod is still in Demo version. So save your game frequently in case of a game crash(Actually I am still debugging the reason causes crash), and when it unfortunatly or unavoidably happens, please send me a report and tell me the situation.

Thanks for reading.

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