The Province: Cyrodiil Team is proud to present the second release in our efforts at bringing the province of Cyrodiil to the world of TESIII: Morrowind. It represents the work of many talented modders over the past few years and includes the following features: - 80+ exterior cells of landscape - 60+ interior cells, including the thriving fishing town of Stirk, beacon of Imperial civilization in the west - Specially-modelled exterior and interior assets to flesh out the locations of Cyrodiil, including towns, Ayleid ruins, Colovian barrows, and more - Dozens of NPCs with extensive dialogue, as well as 4 new quests in the classic Morrowind style, with branching choices, consequences, and rewards - New books, armor, clothing, weapons, and more

faulk says

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So damn awesome. So much detail. Great work, everyone.

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