In a series of 100 prototypes, in the game you take the role of the 98 subject. The game begins with you in a test lab, you do not know your name, do not know where you are.

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Okay I will start out to say that the mapping was brilliant. It really felt like mapping that really belongs to a puzzle mod. I certainly liked the custom speaker voice. Pros and cons.
amazing mapping
nice sequencing
astounding enemy placement
clean running and no crashes
way too short
the one test with the barrel
Overall, this mod gets an 8/10. It's amazing for a first mod. Keep up the good work hlengine. :)


Qwertyus says

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Good mod! Short, but fun.


If you need a help with 6th test follow this way:
1. Get a pistol (it's easy to solve) and shoot with it a wooden bar (which is blocking a pump at ceiling).
2. Push a button under the pump and go quickly for another button via teleporter. You should press the second button until a lamp near it is blue.
3. Go down and press a third button, then you'll be able to press a last one.


HPB says

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Nice, most things is nice. But the puzzles maybe hard to solve at first time. And the mod is short, I was expecting it could be longer.

* the level design and combat was good, gives you just enough health to actually make you care about it.
* first half of the mod is a poor man's portal puzzles without a portal gun, not to say that the puzzles were bad, they were fine.
* some objectives are unclear and may leave you guessing on what to do.
* overly simplistic escape after the puzzles.
* takes about 45 minutes to complete.

great first mod! my first mod wouldn't come anywhere close to this.

Kinda funny adaptation of Portal for HL, considering its mechanics and GoldSrc limitations. Puzzles are a bit frustrating considering that there is no clue about how to complete it (at least Portal has symbols). Also is extremely hard because enemies damage you a lot, which is quite good in my opinion. Story was not that bad, but feels that lacks something, specially in the ending. Maybe it's because is extremely short, which is a great disadvantage. However, if you are looking for a short and funny mod, this worth it.


Brilliant mapping and interesting puzzles!


simply this mod is awesome, a wait for a sequel :), the difficult, the style of "Portal" and the story is a perfect combination, 10/10

It's got a good idea, as Portal has shown.. minus the teleportation gun. On execution I think its pretty good, it gives us unknown reasoning for tests, unknown selection criteria and murder for those that fail or those who pass who do not meet the criteria. Problem is it sort of just ends without giving us any answers, without giving us an escape, it just sort of ends after 20-25 minutes.

+I liked the level design as its more bright & more colours, like yellow than Black Mesa, and obviously no monsters.
+I like the concept
+I like the voice acting
+I like the general black government security guards but
-+ Fairly easy fights
-Test are pretty hard after the 2nd one
-Sort of just ends without giving us answers or a conclusion




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