How good are you really? Project:Blue Room is a research mod, designed to measure skill and difficulty in a single-player game. It is a simple, short, single player game designed to test the player's abilities over a few levels.

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Gamer819 says

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This was just a lot of fun. Something can be said for being the rat in the maze. Good challenge and great puzzles. I felt like I was being tested by the resistance until the walker stage. What a great twist!

I know this is supposed to be just a short mod but I hope you are planning on expanding this a little. Even if it's a Part 2 and 3 model.

Great work here and I'm looking forward to more like this.


Lolcomputer says

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A fantastically designed game, if I am to say so myself.

Great level design, great puzzles and fine pacing; even if it's pretty short, I'd say it's worth playing.

Although, I had some technical difficulties, it in now way stopped me from playing the game, so it's fair to say it's bug-free.


verseimpotent says

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I did not like the mod's gameplay at all, but others may gain some enjoyment out of the experience. The mod can improve by incorporating some mapping improvements, and game-play refinements.


TripleOxGames says

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Really enjoyed our time playing Project: Blue Room and the mission behind the mod, to calculate your level of skill by playing it on your randomly generated difficulty. It really frustrates the player, but as we learnt it was frustration with yourself and not the game for not being able to dispatch the enemies.

We recommend that everyone play this title and value their skill level and even pick up on the little details behind the level that hint towards the end.


noRktreSS says

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Just... amazing.

Perhaps one of my favourite mods ever created.

Amazing level design and thrill. Loved the fight with the Strider at the end.

Wow....just wow....


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