2060: world in chaos and bloodiest conflicts, global oil reserves run out, Riots in europe, USA and USSR the 2 major powers that hate each other, well you will decide the future, only you....

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Hello everyone, I have not released news on mod for a long time. this news will be brought to the major nations in mod and their histories.

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Saharian commonwealth: At the beginning of the end of the colonization Morocco took its independence in 1956 after the end of the French Mandat, in 1975 Morocco launched al massira al khadrae (or the green march) to hunt peacefully the Spaniards of the south of the Sahara but this action to provoke too much tension in the region, it is as if the separatist polizario front was born in the south of the country backed by Algeria, there was from time to time the confrontation but in general the zone remain calm. 64 years later the crisis has collapsed with its wave of disaster the prices of oil and gas in falling Algeria road are melting economy, NATO is wiped out and the usa "the police of the world" was destroyes by the civil wars , Morocco is given the opportunity in all chao to invade Polisario then to protect by Algeria, but these last too weak to help their ally to close their eyes, the polizario people felt deless and decided to withdraw to the north of mali and southern algeria to carry out guerrilla attacks in the region,

Saharian Commonwealth

which will fuel the ardor of what remains of united states russia and china seen the huge petrol resources in this region, a conference was signed in djadol between russia the US and china and morocco and the polizario. This agreement stipulates that the front polizario will be name "Sahara comonwealth"

Saharian Commonwealth

with a liberal government and recognizing the Moroccan authority on the Western sahara and some other territory taken then of Algeria with the help of rebel supported by this one and delivered of crude oil has these for 50 years all by authorizing the mining and fosile unconditional and give some coastal hill n the coast for USA Russia and CHINA, in counterpart the SC will benefit from military aid and logistic by china the US and Russia these provision will then be conveyed by Morocco . 3 days after the conference the republic was able to declare the SC to support its demands with foreign military force. 2 months later, almost without any war, the clan of war and those who remain "countries" in this region too weakened to face S.C prefer to be dominated by an enemie much higher in number and better quality. The unification was then a total victory. The Saharian commonwealth was divided into 3 parts: the zone of influence of Russia , china and atk, and they built a 3 general bases in saharia : Djado ( Saharia) , Asikiln (ATC) and Chartum (Russia). The unification was then a total victory for major powers and saharian people!

Roads saharia

Atlantic Confederation: Since the beginning of the century, the status of the first world power for nearly a century by the US is disputed and the failed system mixed with the president unable to solve the country's internal problems (illegal migration, crime, corruption, arms) further weakened the US and the crisis of 2040 was the fatal blow, the stock market melted, the economy likewise stability is maintained by violence and blood,

American Power

several clans of separatism in sight the day and one of them managed to separate from the tiranie of this sick lion now the Atlantic Confederation.

Atlantic Rebuild

Pacific confederation: After the second depression of 2040 full of revolt explode in the USA the martial laws was declared democracy is only a distant memory, in these panic movement a group of separatist command by multis national leaders turn to the mercantile and the promise to uphold the basic laws of democracy and human rights seen on the west coast of Canada and the US. Days after days the ranks of his group increased, until the night or at a meeting of this one in Las Vegas was attacked by a swat slate of 30 dead and 12 wounded it was the drop of water that spilled the vase , the next day the Pacific Confederation was proclaiming a revolt never seen in the history of America, the US male armies prepare, demoralize by the instabiliters were wagered by General Richard Harisson, 2 month of unstoppable batall the US government has abdicate has recognized the Pacific Confederation and Konrad Patrickson as his new president and the creation of a new country Pacific Confederation.


France, the shadow of a powerful empire now a minor country subject to the German power of the early 21st century. Unemployment soaring, immigration has become incontrolable and the economy is running low, the latter has devised several tactics to redress the barrier but nothing elusive, the German economy was too implant in international trade and the least concur minors was literally crashing, the crisis of 2040 has nothing to fix things on the contrary, France and most of the European countries had 2 choices is the imperialism by dropping the democracy and the personal freedom and the rights of the man is the rally to the German cause to overcome the hardest crisis in the history of the human economy, France in the first place has almost opted for the first choice but the dislocation of NATO and the fall of the US quickly changed the public opinion and the government for a submission to Germany. "Misery leads to revolt, submission disarms anger." declare the French Prime Minister.

European Power

The Germany major power in Europe is still beaten since the creation of the European Union to unify it under a single alliance and take away from NATO dominate the US and to face the enemie numbers 1 Russia economically, culturally and above all militarily, so far no progress, but the Great Depression of 2040 has all toppled into the political spectrum the overthrow of the American "democracy" and the many trouble in all the countries of the world in fact pressure on European countries. Germany quickly reacted to the crisis by launching an ultimatome to the European nation with the slogan "all together for a new dream" and that these quit the otan organization become obselete after the foreseeable fall of the American geont and to gather in a new alliance the european union, which has had immediate success, fear and global tension in favor of german, but this "union" will you be so efficient in the face of the great crisis? Will you succeed in calming the ardor of Russia and other great power in Europe? only the future will tell us.

–°hina: China, one of the most powerful economies in the world after the fall of the US economie, has experienced an impressive economic and demographic growth for the past few years.

Chinese Union

But even the world's leading power has not been forgiven by the great crisis, after all the efforts made by the government China has not so bad out in relation to its neighbors, but cloud of calm hides many dangers because, all these years, the government has given more and more autonomy to the army more and more place in the decision of the country.

Russia: Russia, formerly the USSR after its fall, was able to overcome inflation and reduce unemployment and return to the international scene with force, since the beginning of the century as for China, Russia has experienced an economic growth never seen since the fall of Soviet bloc, these many wealth (petrol, iron, agriculture ...) also makes it one of the richest nation in the world, and like China, has also been seriously affected by the crisis, minor revolutions break out in the country but the government fears to face a civil war in the country and undergoes the same tragic outcome as the US, has preferred to give up territories in sibery to calm the rebel, and it has to walk.

Far East liberation

But Russia is all the same isolate, to avoid a foreign aggression "the Germanic threat" to declare the Russian Prime Minister and another cold war, between the two great power (Russia - China) the latter has all to establish links econimic and politics with China.

I hope you appreciate my work, see you soon!

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