Welcome to Project Reality: Battlefield 2 (aka PR:BF2), a modification for the retail Battlefield 2 multi-player PC game. Project Reality's aim is to create a more realistic combat environment than standard Battlefield 2, and place a greater emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. Most of the aspects of Battlefield 2 that have the capacity to be modified have been tweaked, or completely overhauled, to reflect their real life counterparts, for increased realism. Ballistics have for example also been audited to reflect those of real weapons, including characteristics such as damage, deviation and bullet drop depending on a weapon systems calibre. Since EA and DICE no longer support Battlefield 2 and is no longer being played online, the Project Reality team made PR:BF2 a standalone game. No longer is a installation of Battlefield 2 required and we have implemented our own online account system for online play.

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This mod is truly amazing, it is hard to see that it even runs on refractor 2. It effectively puts the player into the shoes of a warrior in the field and gives you an intense and realistic feel. Which brings me to say that in order to become an accurate combat simulator the mod had to sacrifice quite a bit of gameplay. games drag on for hours, even with bots, and there have been times where I have found myself walking miles just to get to an objective that's capped when i get there. Yet despite all of PR's flaws there's always a place for it on my hard drive. I hope to see what else the brilliant people behind it are going to come up with in the next few years on the possible PR:2

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The BF2 engine on its edge... the BF2 gameplay reformed and finally promotes real teamwork. If you search for challenges in tactics and adrenaline boosted firefights this is the FPS game you search. For me it worths to buy BF2 (if you haven't yet) just to experience this mod. The extra content and the gameplay that is provided through Project Reality makes me to feel that PR is not a mod but a whole new game you can have for free. From Clan's experience perspective it is a must for every player…

Nov 23 2010 by mikeros