Project Far Cry was started as complete remake of the original Far Cry game. The mod's best feature is not only a remake, but total reconstruction of all the levels, assets and story. Our goal is to make Far Cry on a new engine with the best graphics, quality physics and a good story. We are looking for the missing parts in the game or maybe holes in the story and trying to fix everything. Some time ago, our team has changed. Until the better times, the mod development is cancelled. Maybe I will release the CryEngine2 Demo, which has been announced a year ago.

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So does this mean the mod is still being worked on?

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Alex626 Author

Guys, I was working for 4 years on that mod. But as you can see, I neither received any support from community/Ubi, nor was left alone without any troubles on my ***.

Basically, Crytek was always against of my mod and my account. Their "community manager" ******** have banned me in 2009 forever from forums - for simply showing the screenshots of "the illegally ripped contend" and as they said "encouraging the piracy" - even since I've never uploaded a single file of my mod to the internet. Still that didn't stop me from doing Crysis mods (and later CRYENGINE 3 games) and I opened my own modding portal - CRYMOD.NET - five years ago.

And still I had to shut down the development - simply read this: . You guys didn't give me even a little chance of support, so don't complain now.

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I agree but I have joined this website in 2013 and you post this article in 2012 so I haven't been here when you post this article and I'm not against this mod.

I personally think that reason why they don't like your mod was porting.
If they could make a completely new Far Cry on latest Cryengine then I wouldn't care but instead of that they just continuing by digging their own grave.
I know some mods which have stuff from tons of games and they just don't care (I don't think about Valve games right now).

In Valve games anyone can copy almost anything from other game and Valve just doesn't care but Crytek wants only money and they will never see my money again (even if they release Crysis 4).

I just hope that Ubisoft will not create a REMAKE like far cry classic because that is a terrible game.

Btw: Good luck with other projects!

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Alex626 Author

Thanks bro :) And sorry If I offended you. I really didn't mean anyone here personally.

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