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Power Weapons Mod

Power weapons, is a mod for counter strike that allows the addiction of new weapons to counter strike.Counter strike is a good game, but a thing that can make it better is a addition of new weapons.But what kind of weapons?
do you like weapons like SCAR, F2000, MP7, SPAS, Revolvers? so you will like this mod
do you like weapons like Rocket Launchers, Missile Launchers, Flamethrowers and Grenade Launchers? will love this mod!
but now if you like overpowered weapons like Nuke Launchers, Plasma weapons and SCI-FI Weapons...
you will get a new crush!
Yeah guys, that mod have normal, overpowered weapons and SUPER OVERPOWERED WEAPONS!!!!!!
buuut, everything has a price, sooo...hey, wait...I CANT BELIEVE ON THIS :o


Here is a list of some weapons:
-Spas-12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun(perfect for close-range combats, but bad aginst multiple targets)-
Winchester Model 94(good at close-range combats)-
Double Barrels shotgun(High damage, low clip)-
Sawed Off(mini version of Double Barrels)-
Daewoo USAS12(perfect against multiple enemies at close-range)-
PP19 Bizon(perfect for close and medium-range, low damage)-
PPsh-41(high clip, low damage, Fast reload)-
TEC-DC9(fast shots, an rival to mac-10)-
MP7a1(good against close-range combats and zooming at weapon stage 2[press "T" for stage 2 of weapons])-
K1/K1A(nice medium-range combat rifle)-
Lr300(low clip, but have a nice zoom)-
XTR Gauss gun(high damage, high zoom, high recoil¬¬)-
SCAR L/H(good in medium-rage combats and have a stage 2)-
XM8(low clip, high zoom, cheap)-
MP5M203(a normal mp5 with grenade launcher at stage 2)-
F2000(medium damage, high zoom)-
QBB-95(high clip, medium damage, high recoil)
M4M203(a normal m4a1 with grenade launcher)
AK-47G(golden AK)
TRG-42(an rival to awp!)
VSK94(faster sniper)
Dragunov(a nice sniper rifle)
MG-3(high damage, high clip, high recoil)
HLT 80(rocket launcher, high damge but is heavy)
M202A1(same as HLT 80)
XM134 Minigun(high clip, high damage, low recoil, but is heavy)
M60E(looks like a m249 in the battle)
M79(single shot grenade launcher, slow reload, slow deploy)
Plasma Gun(high damage, medium radius)TV Missile(remote control the missile direction)BFG 10K(From Doom!)ROKS-2(flamethrower, good burning!)Ion Cannon(fom comand e conquer)36EG(high clip plasma launcher)Remote bomb(explode when pressing the detonator)Satchel charge(from half life)Flamethrower(like ROKS-2)Piercing Crossbow(one shot, one kill)N10 Redeemer(nuclear ball shot)dynamite(like remote bomb)laser tripmine(from Half life)30mm SG(grenade launcher, nice!)RP-6(grenade launcher, from shadow of chernobyl)Explossive Crossbow(from half life)SECONDARY:Explosive contender(only one bullet in clip, but you can punch the enemy!)Glock-33(primary shots semi-auto and secondary shots full-auto)Ruger Special(silenced and full-auto)Gold Desert Eagle(an gold desert eagle with double clip!)Raging Bull(heavy revolver with 5 bullets on clip)Colt 1911(alternative for desert eagle?)Glock-19(identic to the glock-18, but with laser!)Python .357(Nice revolver!)
.44 Magnum(perfect in close-range combats)
Incendiary Nade(burn your enemies)
1000v Nade(shock yur enemies)
X31 Anti Organic(polemic nade, biohazard)
Gas Nade(make your enemies gasp when trepassing the smoke radius)
Baterry(cheap suit when you are without much money)
Flame Protection(an 200 points kevlar)
Radiation Shield(300 Points Kevlar)
Cocktail Molotov(burnnnn)
Apache Havock(remote Controlled Attack helicopter)
Health kit(heal 50 points of health)
And a lot more!!!!

Credits to lastlifeofficial, the mod modeler for 30% of game production :)

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Hello modbb!, Well, I'll make this article to show you guys how it's a normal day on the development of Power Weapons, In my case, I focus on the V;P;W models for the mod, It has a lot of weapons and each one needs the v,p,w models so there's 2 more models for each weapon, Cool isn't it? :)

First, The hands, A soldier can't change it's hand model just because he changed his gun, Right? So let's see:

Hands models uses at least 23 bones just for the hands (i'm not counting the forearm and those parts) and that means that you have to set those bones each time you want to change hand models

Depending of the model, The "hands work" will be different:

Sometimes, We need to change Hands models, and after that, Fix the Origin of the model, Here's a example of that:

After (with hands already changed)


And that's a Good result, Sometimes, Even the animations give us problems, like this:

If the model has a bug on the way that it holds the magazine, we fix it, here we got 2 pictures of it (already fixed)

Actually, we have other examples, but this article shouldn't be too extense, so let's show just one, only this time:

Talking about P models, we made them and then we used those models so we were able to make others "P" models in a faster way, Like this:

At the end of the day, It's good to see some progress, as a member of the dev team, You can feel the senseless of a useless day without updates, Even when most of progress can't be shown on media, Because of spoilers of course :D

And what do we do when there's too much free time and we have to wait while somebody fix some problem? well, props models are always a good way to kill time, isn't it? See:

Otherwise, We can also test if models works properly, Playing the mod with bots or friends :P It's always a good excuse to play the mod ;)

And all this work is made quite faster than it should because we are studying, And life sometimes keeps you really, Really busy.

So we hope all this work can be enjoyed by the people who wants to play Counter-Strike with a lot of new weapons and effects, because believe me, it's really cool to play this mod with friends ;)

Please make shure to take a look on it ! :D have a nice day, and by the way, Thanks for reading this, yes i am talking to you. e.e

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New Extra Weapon: .40 Winchester!

New Extra Weapon: .40 Winchester!

Patch 1 comment

Power Weapons Mod have a new extra weapon for your colletion!!! .40 Winchester.

New Extra Weapon: Thompson M1A1

New Extra Weapon: Thompson M1A1

Patch 6 comments

Power Weapons Mod have a new extra weapon for your colletion!!! Thompson M1A1.

New Extra Weapon: HK G3A3

New Extra Weapon: HK G3A3


Power Weapons Mod have a new extra weapon for your colletion!!! HK G3A3

New Extra Weapon: Remington 870

New Extra Weapon: Remington 870


Power Weapons Mod have a new extra weapon for your colletion!!! Remington 870

New Extra Weapon: PP-2000

New Extra Weapon: PP-2000

Patch 4 comments

Power Weapons Mod have a new extra weapon for your colletion!!! PP-2000

Power Weapons Release

Power Weapons Release

Full Version 26 comments

Power Weapons Mod Power weapons, is a mod for counter strike that allows the addiction of new weapons to counter strike.Counter strike is a good game...

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Why i can't Play Lan ?

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use hlds :3

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now can you create my own sounds for guns

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Don't let the mod die ok?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
tigerrflame Creator

Probably Will, i dont have time for creating the guns

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Yhow to download

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Mmmm I do not want to be misunderstood but mmm could update the mod or fix their errors because when I start the map I choose terrorist or antiterrorist team and the character is generated on either side .... everything else is fine .... I love it Your mod and if they would accept my request would be much appreciated

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tigerrflame Creator

That's a map setting, nothing to fix on my mod.

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Paulo Vinicius l did not understand what is the mod delaware the Power Weapons mod the menu where are all the weapons please can you give me the link right here XD

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tigerrflame Creator

See the message on screen on every round begin.

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