ModDB profile address: RECENT VERSION: BUILD 13 FINAL Pirates of the Caribbean is a very nice pirate Role Playing Game for PC. Although the game was far from great, it was certainly good fun, apart from the bugs. Fortunately for the players, the game could easily be modified and that is how the Build modpack began. The Build contained all good mods joined into one package for easy installation. I started messing around with modding after Build 12 was released. I made a couple of small mods myself and added all mods that other people made into what soon became a major add-on for Build 12. Finally, two years after the release of Build 12, this modpack has been released as Build 13, introducing many new bugfixes, features, mods, character models, locations, items and yet again enhancing the game quite a lot. Build 13 Final is the final full installation version for Build 13. Work is in progress on Build 14, for which several Alpha versions are available for public testing here.

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Like the concept of enhancing game play and adding many new features; however not being able to get this mod to work has had a great impact on my bad review. This modification is somewhat out dated in terms of graphics as this game was originally released in 2003 which is being mod at the current state. I am interested in what the game play is like; however do not feel that much for this mod

Graphics (7.1/10)
Gameplay (7.6/10)
Narrative Story Telling: 5.1/10)
Maps: (5.9/10)
Skins (5.3/10)
Entertainment N/A
Modder's Efforts (6.2/10)
Technical (3.1/10)

Overall result: 5.4/10 = 54% on DaggerClassStudio's Game Mod Rating
= A Feeble Mod Game

~Christopher Carlisle James


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