!THIS MOD IS NOT DEAD! So this mod is about lots of tests that use the fling mechanic in the game and Involves Lots of skybox and nature stuff too so keep an eye out for this cool mod!

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Wonderland_War says

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I don't know where to start with the first level.

1. First of all, that level is horribly optimized. It's boxed in skybox and none of the brushes were first made in nodraw. All the problems can really ruin the performance of the map since the unseen faces will be rendered. Compile times will be larger and worse framerate when playing the level.

2. The level looks not so well made. The textures are improperly scaled and are improperly aligned.

3. Too low use/no use of func_detail can split/create so many visleaves that can tank the framerate down and slow down compile times.

4. The map is leaked! This will make lighting horrible and causing everything to be rendered which is a really bad thing.

5. I'm able to come out of the map due to the fact that there is no playerclip and there is not func_noportal_volume.

Now for the second level...

My first words are whoever made this level, cheers to you! You actually properly optimized the map. The only problem is that the elevator makes you come out of the entrance part instead of the exit.

Another problem is that there are no soundscapes and no areaportals for the doors. But I might not be so picky about that since this is just a demo.

Also, why do I see Portal's main menu background? Why not make a new one?

The resources are not correct, why do I see improper hints and chapter names?


Luikrol says

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nice idea , story and maps

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