The idea behind this is to make an episodic mod, which you can play as it grows and every new chapter will be based on a whole new theme. The basic concept is the following: You start at the main room. Use the portal machines to visit the chambers and gather all the eye balls. Bring them to the main room and open the gate leading to the next chapter.

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I enjoyed this map pack but want to point out some bugs I noticed in Chapter 5:

If the white spheres are crucial to solving puzzles there needs to be some consistency with fizzling and regenerating. Some emancipation fields destroy them and others don't. According to Valve standards a puzzle should never be made unsolvable without the player knowing it. A destroyed or lost sphere must be regenerated when destroyed. Also, it took me a long time to figure out how to use them in the first puzzle. I didn't they needed to be put in those machines.

And in the final test the chamber kept self-destructing because the core kept falling into the lava. I had to use "ent_fire core_red disablemotion" until I was ready to use the funnel. I suggest disabling motion for the core until a funnel or some force pulls on it, or place it in some kind of invisible bowl so it can't roll.

Also, the music was interesting, but there were no credits so I don't know who made it. If you plan on turning this into a completed mod it would be nice if the chapters were linked together with a story and credits.

But like I said, I did enjoy this mod. :)

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