Background: PDS is THE first and original wartime simulation mod that brings out the flavour of naval warfare in a real time 3D setting. Units, weapons, tactics all based on our present and future concepts of warfighting. If you like watching space operas and reading David Weber, this mod is for you! We might be restarting development (PDS V13) for an even more comprehensive tactical combat experience. A lot of mods out there borrow from us - we don't have a credits list but just ask around.

Syrtees says

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This is a great mod for the sit back and watch captain. Which is a good thing, with the improved AI you can focus more on the larger more important tactical moves. Plus there are a whole bunch of new ships to take a crack at and bigger more "rave-like" space battles. And if your into it, there is added dialogue. Listen as your resource collectors complain about picking through scrap or overhear a commander give coordinate point orders (we even heard a pilot go awal and say he was bugging out)

But there is one part in this where it seems to fall short is that when you tell a ship to attack another, they don't know when to give up! In one battle sequence we wanted to do a tactical reinsertion, retreat our forces through back through a dust cloud and come out on either sides of their forces. But our battleships were HELL BENT on destroying their targets.

It's a fantastic mod with cool new gametypes, ships, and maps, but the independance in the ally AI could do with a little tuning.

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