This mod has as goal to recapture the atmosphere and story of SMAC, but create an improved gameplay with the tools offered by Civ4.

Warhead77777 says

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The interface is a million times better then the old one and that counts for a lot, on top of that, many of the units, buildings, and such translated over very well.

Improvements are easier to see, build, and understand; the game looks really good.

The issue however is, that while the body is beautiful, the soul is missing.

The AI behaves nothing like the old AI did, I played the game as the Free Drones and right away I was at war with three factions.

The Pirates were trying to befriend me, while the Data Angels wanted to feast on my corpse.

Mister Collectivism was the first to declare war, and on the same term the Spartans followed; I expected this.

What I didn't expect is for one of the most peaceful factions in the game to hate me for no reason at all.

The civics don't have upsides or downsides, urging you to choose things you never would in the old game; but the game punishes you by having other factions demand you be carbon copies of them.

The Crossfire factions show up late and are thus a lot weaker. The speeches don't happen when you build buildings.

I spent half of my play session wanting to crack open the older, uglier game, where I had no idea what the improvements even did. At least the personalities behaved in interesting and rational ways.

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