Phrozo Mod 2 is a graphical enhancement mod, and more specifically, a particle enhancement mod that is the successor to Phrozo's GFX mod and has vastly improved new particle effects for Doom 3. All of the weapons, monsters, projectiles, and many more things have entirely new particle effects that are much more detailed and polished than in previous work seen in Phrozo Mod. There are new features and systems like surface type based particle effects ( shooting sand produces a sandy particle effect, shooting metal produces sparks etc. ) inspired by Denton mod, weapon flash lights for all the firing weapons inspired by various other Doom 3 mods, and a moveable FX system inspired by Half-Life 2. Phrozo Mod 2 also includes gameplay changes to make Doom 3 less sluggish and much more fast paced. This mod includes all new assets such as new particle, decal, and skin textures, sound and GUI assets, script, and code.

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Phrozo Mod 2.0 is a visual enhancement modification for Doom 3 that primarily focuses on new particle effects. It is the successor to Phrozo GFX or Weapon Enhancement mods I've released in the past. There are new particles for all of the weapons, monsters, and projectile effects like smoke trails, impacts, .etc. Ambient level effects, monster teleports and many other things also have new particles. In summary, Phrozo Mod 2.0 includes a very extensive particle library that I hope users will enjoy and find useful. Phrozo Mod 2.0 also includes a lot of gameplay changes to make the game feel more fast-paced and less sluggish. The weapons have been vastly improved with the addition of flash lights on most of the weapons ( all of the firing weapons and the chainsaw ) and are much more deadly. Monsters have been made to be a bit stronger and more aggressive, with some monsters having significant changes like the Hellknight and Mancubus.

Phrozo Mod 2

FINALLY being able to frag/gib trites and ticks into a spray of green slime feels so satisfying and will never get old. A couple of questions for you:

1. Can the fragging/gibbing of trites/ticks be made to work in vanilla Doom 3?
2. Are you planning to release Phrozo Mod 2.0 for Resurrection of Evil?

Thanks for your long ongoing development of this mod.


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Phrozo Author

The trite explode/suicide particles will work just fine in Doom 3, but the wound particles will not work properly because of how differently particles are used for impact effects. Those green bleed effects are specifically defined in phrozo_projectiles_base.def in the def folder and I had to code support for that, so sorry about that :(

I might for ROE. It shouldn't be too much work porting over the code and a few other things. I'll probably include new stuff too if I do.

And thanks! :)


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Thanks for your quick response.

Too bad that the exploding trites/ticks can't be used in vanilla Doom 3.

Very glad to hear that you're considering a release of Phrozo Mod 2.0 for RoE! It would make sense to have and enjoy the same gameplay and GFX in both games.

The other game titles that come to mind which use the same engine are Prey and Quake 4. Any chances that your contemplating those as well?

Best regards.

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Phrozo Author

I'd love to export some of my FX to Quake 4 but I don't think it is feasible nor do I think I'll ever have the time. Currently I need to start working on tools and support for Doom 3. There are some much needed script and particle tutorials that need to be made, and I've been asked on trying to get some real IDE/intellisense support for DoomScript which it desperately needs.

Thanks, you too :)


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Fair enough - sorry for getting greedy. Just don't lose track of Phrozo Mod 2 for RoE. :)

Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

I'll always be a big fan.

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Phrozo Author

Sorry, only have a Windows build. The source code is included though.

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